We chat with Bali based model and MAURIE + EVE girl, @alenlarionova on sweet peaches and post-COVID island life.


M+E: We miss travelling to beautiful Bali. How has the lifestyle change, post-COVID?

AL: When COVID hit , Bali turned from its bustling self to an almost creepy, quiet place. These days, it’s just expats living here and sadly many businesses have closed. This said, many have opened, too. I am conscious of supporting local wherever possible, small coffee shops and neighbourhood eateries.

M+E: Your favourite spot(s) to eat, drink and beach in Bali? 

AL: So many choices! My favourite cafes are Remix and Doppio. Uluwatu beaches are my most treasured, Karma Beach particularly has pristine white sand and minimal people. Most of my photos are taken here.

M+E: We have loved collaborating with you across some gorgeous content. Which M+E piece are you currently wearing on repeat?

AL: I absolutely love collaborating with your beautiful brand. Right now, I’m sitting at Remix answering. this Q&A in my Sage Inari Dress. I also love the Body Sun Dress – an easy day-to-night choice.  

“Definitely Europe — Spain or Italy. I am craving the sweet taste of peaches and nectarines … such delights do not grow in Bali unfortunately.”

M+E: If you could travel anywhere, tomorrow, where would it be

AL: Definitely Europe — Spain or Italy. I am craving the sweet taste of peaches and nectarines … such delights do not grow in Bali unfortunately.

M+E: Is your wonderful blonde hair all natural and how do you keep it so shiny?

AL: Unfortunately, I am not a natural blonde! My hair is actually light brown so I’m at the salon every couple of months to keep it light. To protect and promote shine, I make my own hair masks that hydrate and strengthen.

M+E: Beauty ritual you swear by?

AL: Morning face massage with Gua Sha … and a fresh light tan on my face. P.S don’t forget to use sunscreen 🧴

M+E: Your most treasured possession?

AL: I am obsessed with flowers, I always have fresh flowers at home and the wilder they are, the more attractive they are to me.

M+E: Last random act of kindness?

AL: I sent flowers to my friend who was pleasantly surprised.

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