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Photography // Anna Hewetson
Model // Shenise @ KULT + Montana @ IMG
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We're all guilty of getting lost in a never ending Instagram scroll, and while we should all attempt a little less screen time in 2021, here are a few accounts we follow with love here at MAURIE + EVE. Feel good vibes only.



A very bright Belgian designer by the name of Marilyne Verschueren creates such feel good graphics for the mind and spirit. Uplifting tonal collaborations join soft yet purposeful messaging every human could relate to.


Founded in 2017, this Lagos, Nigeria academy has transformed the lives of its students, affording them a place to dance and to dream. It has also inspired influential people in ballet to lend a hand, and a world of opportunity has since opened up: for the students, scholarships and invitations to attend prestigious schools and companies overseas. And the dancing, truly captivating … as is the happiness it so clearly manifests.


For the star gazers among us, this one’s for you. SRNAVERSE combines weekly/monthly astrology notes in her own, unique manner and with creative visuals to match.



Artist, Musician and Student, Sean W Spellman paints with restraint for clean connection to the soul. Softly spoken strokes that calm the mind and move intention. A favourite of MAURIE + EVE Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies-Green.


New York based Photographer, Artist and Director, Cass Bird pleases the eye and emotions with powerful portraiture and fashion takes of models, muses and celebrities around the world. She has a knack for truly materialising the matter of her subjects. Always real. Never boring. Follow.


Faces, quotes and stories of the golden age and beyond. Humorous, stylish and outrageous encounters with Hollywood’s greatest of all time. An instant mood booster.





Laura Thrum is the owner creator Meraki Mats - cork yoga mats and accessories made from 100% natural cork oak harvested sustainably. They look good while you feel good, and that’s what we’re all about here at MAURIE + EVE! An avid lover of yoga and reformer Pilates, we chat with Laura about how to manifest that motivation as 2021 hits full swing.

M+E: Meraki means ‘doing something with soul, creativity and love’ – tell us why this is so important to you and how it translates in your business and everyday living?

LT: We are a brand of beautifully designed yoga mats and cork accessories that are a luxe extension to your athleisure wardrobe; designed to motivate you to move … but why?

To do something with soul, creativity, or love — the essence of yourself put into your work’ is not only the definition of Meraki but it also defines the impact we strive to have on every individual who is a part of the Meraki Movement. We want to inspire you to show up for yourself; ultimately committing to becoming more loving, grounded and inspired because at the end of the day there is no point living a life that is not authentic to who you truly are.

M+E: In your opinion, why is it important to make time for self-love – why is it the most important love we can partake in?

LT: Unfortunately, our nearest and dearest cop the worst of us at times, the stresses and demands of life absorb all of our energy, leaving very little for our loved ones. For me, this is the biggest motivating factor, to ensure I create time daily for the things that keep me grounded, fulfilled and energised – committing to evolving and becoming a more authentic version of myself every day.

M+E: How do you show yourself love?

LT: Oh, probably in too many ways! From yoga to reformer Pilates, meditation to cooking my man and I a soul nourishing meal, these little things bring me so much joy, daily. Although my ultimate self-love ‘treat’ is a massage – it honestly transforms my energetic state and releases any built-up tension (if I haven’t been prioritising the smaller daily self-love tasks). And of course my muscles thank me after!

“Be precise on what you want to manifest; explore every detail of what you want, how you'll achieve it and how it will make you feel. Meditation creates mental clarity; allowing you to be more efficient and precise with your intentions, eliminating all the ‘fluff’ we fill our head with.”

M+E: For those people struggling to get into the swing of the New Year (and shake off the festive season), what’s some advice you can offer to manifest motivation and set ourselves up for success

LT: Whether it be a work task or a workout –  break it down. If your goal is to meditate 20 minutes a day – start with 2 minutes daily and work up from there. Create the simple habit of 2 minutes of breathwork, work up to 5, then 10 and before you know it 20 minutes has become a non-negotiable part of your daily routine.

Be precise on what you want to manifest; explore every detail of what you want, how you’ll achieve it and how it will make you feel. Meditation creates mental clarity; allowing you to be more efficient and precise with your intentions, eliminating all the ‘fluff’ we fill our head with.

M+E: And for those who have previously found it difficult to get into a regular fitness regime (and are planning on a new start in 2021), what’s your advice to get into a fitness flow and stick to it?

LT: Don’t expect yourself to be naturally motivated every single day. Find your why. Find a reason why you would prefer to go to a 6am yoga class over staying in bed for that extra hour. For me, I know if I don’t prioritise time for myself first thing every morning, whether it be yoga, Pilates, a coffee and beach walk or even a 10 minute meditation, my day does not have the same flow or efficiency.

M+E: One personal and professional goal you have set yourself for 2021?

LT: Fluidity and blank space.

Fluidity to life – to adapt effortlessly and not let the unexpected stop me in my tracks. And blank space in my calendar – to allow more opportunity for spontaneous creativity. This is where my mind grows and expands.

M+E: The artist/album you play to elevate mood and manifest motivation?

LT: Music completely transforms my mood. I use it daily to help alter my mental state. Whether it be Ludovico Einaudi to put me into the vortex of concentration or Tash Sultana, Pretty Lady, mid workday (to remind myself to slow down, dance a little and help shake off any anxious energy … or excess caffeine! haha).

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As the close of summer draws near, so too do those long hot nights, brimming social calendars indulgent lunches, impromptu dinners and overall carefree living. Work is back and it’s time to refresh, reboot, restart mental and physical clarity for a year of success. While there are many ways to achieve this, one popular option is the 1, 3 or 5-day cleanse. What this looks like varies person-to-person, cleanse-to-cleanse but the results are always inline – light, bright energy and improved creative thinking. We all need that.


We chat with Marketing Manger of Sol Cleanse, Alex Frisby-Smith on the benefits and misconceptions of cleansing, plus the ultimate choice for first time cleansers.



M+E: There is an extensive list of benefits associated with cleansing, what are the most relevant when it comes to remedying festive season indulgence, lack of sleep and so on?

AFS: Our bodies are wonderfully designed to cleanse and self-heal, but through the effects of lifestyle stressors (food, drink, chemicals in skin care, air pollution, stress) we can get a build-up of toxins stored in our bodies that results in feeling and operating sub-optimally – especially after the festive season! Luckily, with a little support from a juice cleanse we can eliminate these toxins and come back to an equilibrium – feeling fresh, energised and inspired.

After cleansing, so many of our customers tell us they experience a variety of benefits such as:

  • Feeling lighter and brighter
  • Feeling refreshed and energised
  • Feeling motivated and inspired
  • Improved mental clarity and reduced “brain fog”
  • Clear, glowing skin and eyes
  • Eliminated cravings and addictions, kicking bad habits
  • Reduced bloating and improved digestion
  • A natural desire for healthy lifestyle choices

M+E: What are the top three misconceptions around cleansing, and how do you respond to these?


Misconception 1: Juice magically dispels the body of all toxins

Whilst it would be amazing if juice did this, our liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are actually already doing this for us! Instead, cleansing focuses on creating the right conditions for our organs to do their job efficiently. When cleansing, we’re eliminating our exposure to daily toxins (caffeine, alcohol, pesticides or anything artificial). Also, if you consider it takes roughly 2kg of fresh, raw, organic produce to make a single jar of our organic cold pressed juices, your body will be receiving A LOT more micronutrients than usual. The micronutrients in fruit and veggies support your vital organs to carry out an array of tasks, some of which are to cleanse toxins from your body.

Misconception 2: There isn’t enough fibre when you do a juice cleanse

When we’re talking fibre, we have soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. Cold pressed juice is naturally loaded with soluble fibre which assists in balancing our gut microflora as it is a prebiotic, absorbs cholesterol from the intestines, gives us a sense of ‘fullness’ and balances our blood sugar levels. On the contrary, insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water and is the leftover pulp that you get from juicing which makes up the bulk of our stools because it is indigestible. If you consider that you would need to consume nearly 10kg of raw produce to get the same hit of micronutrients during one day of juice cleansing, you can see the benefit of removing insoluble fibre. We are left with a super micronutrient dense liquid to consume, and our digestive system is given a break so it can heal and repair.

Misconception 3: Juice cleansing is just about losing weight

While some people do choose to undertake a juice cleanse to lose weight, this is not our philosophy at Sol Cleanse. We are primarily concerned with resetting your relationship with food, and with yourself.

For more information about juicing misconceptions, head to our blog post here.

“Upon finishing a cleanse you’re craving fresh, whole foods because you can finally hear the subtle messages from your body. Movement becomes enjoyable, and you have a clear vision for life goals and how to execute them.”

M+E: For those looking to reset mentally as well as physically for the year ahead, how does Sol Cleanse assist, and are there certain Sol programs/products more specific to this objective than others?

AFS: You’re at the end of January and the past 6 weeks has been all about socialising, lazing by the sun and indulging your senses in rich foods and cocktails … all of which has its place!

February come around and you’re not sleeping as well, you’ve been in ‘extrovert’ mode for too long and are feeling drained. You’re back working full time and you can’t find the motivation to meal prep and nourish your body (as well as you would like to), so find yourself reaching for caffeine and quick foods to get you through the day. You’re not feeling that great about yourself and you just can’t find the courage to make some damn change. You’re in a negative spiral, we’ve all been there.

We created Sol Cleanse for these exact moments. For the opportunity to press pause for 1, 3 or 5 days and assess how you’d like to take care of yourself from this moment onwards.

The beautiful thing is that when you consume nothing but pure plant nutrition for a few days, your taste buds get a complete reset. Your eyes become brighter. Your skin glows. You sleep better and your energy levels improve. You start to feel really great about what you are doing for your body and mind. And it’s so much easier from here. Upon finishing a cleanse you’re craving fresh, whole foods because you can finally hear the subtle messages from your body. Movement becomes enjoyable, and you have a clear vision for life goals and how to execute them. You are on a positive spiral of momentum and the only way is up, baby!

M+E: Can a cleanse help to invigorate creative thinking?

AFS: Absolutely! Your gut and brain are connected through millions of nerves. The gut and its microbes control inflammation and create many different compounds that can affect brain health. By looking after your gut and flooding it with raw, organic nourishment, it makes sense when your mind feels clear and fog free after a cleanse. We often get our best creative ideas during and after a cleanse because we have so much clarity. Not only this, but our program comes with daily meditations and workbooks that truly connect you back to yourself. When you’re in a state of consciousness and mindfulness, the creativity just flows!

M+E: What is a great entry-level cleanse and why?

AFS: Our Level One Lighten Up Cleanse is an amazing entry-level cleanse. It’s our most gentle and nurturing cleanse for those who need a kickstart to make some change. It comes with cold pressed juices, nut milk, green smoothies and a delicious dahl (that is amazing heated in the evening or lunchtime) for something a bit more substantial.

M+E: Is cleansing something we should schedule periodically throughout the year, or is it more about listening to your body and reacting accordingly?

AFS: We generally find that once a season is the sweet spot as it encourages you to pause and notice your unique body requirements as the world moves around us. But, in short, you should cleanse whenever you feel like you need a reset.

M+E: The brand obviously believes in a holistic approach to health and lifestyle, what other daily practices would you recommend to reset body and mind for 2021?

AFS: Meditation and breath work are really amazing practices to incorporate into your routine. Breathing practices can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system which controls our rest and digestive state, and deactivate our sympathetic nervous system which regulates our fight or flight response.

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International model and tastemaker, Anna Feller has joined forces with designer of MAURIE + EVE, Kelly Davies-Green in the launch of a limited-edition essentials capsule: RESILIENCE.

Explore relaxed hoodie and pant sets, shorts, bodysuits and more tailored exteriors for all women. Everyday icons designed to mix and match in a true reflection of the wearer’s identity.









Photography // Jennifer Stenglein
Designer and Creative Director // Anna Feller
Hair and Makeup // Linda Jefferyes
Styling // Caterina Scardino
Location // Heidi Middleton





MAURIE + EVE’s latest alignment, Thread Together, takes textile waste and redistributes to those in need. It’s a simple concept with a big impact, and is changing the future, not only of Australian fashion, but people in crisis. Clothing defines who we are - our right to adequate clothing - and every human deserves this. Here, we talk with CEO Anthony Chesler on the organisation’s plans for wider influence, some  alarming statistics and importantly, how we can all make a difference.

M+E: In five years’ you have successfully diverted 1,200,000 items of clothing. Tell us, how did Thread Together begin – was it born more on urgency around Australia’s textile waste problem, or to help those in need, or both? What came first.

AC: Thread Together was founded in 2012 by Andie Halas who saw the potential for excess, new clothing to support people in need. By collaborating with some of Australia’s largest clothing suppliers and connecting social service agencies, Thread Together has been able to change the future of people in crisis, as well as the future lifecycle of clothing and accessories. Through Thread Together, companies with too much can give to people that have too little.

The simple idea, which Andie refers to as a redistributive justice, was conceived when Andie made a decision to donate (rather than dispose of a product) with a small production fault.

Andie took these items to the Asylum Seeker Centre in Sydney and was very troubled to see good people, who had fled situations of great danger, searching for old clothes for themselves and family.

Thread Together was conceived, and the movement was created to clothe our country whilst fighting fashion waste.

M+E: Were there any particular statistics that really propelled the birth of this organisation?

AC: Sadly, 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 6 children (or 3.4 million Australians) are living below the poverty line without access to essential clothing, a basic human right; and approximately one-third of all new clothes go from factory to landfill.

M+E: What is the biggest, most harmful misconception around fashion and the environment?

AC: Misconception: There’s very little action we can take as consumers to change the fashion industry.

Truth: We, as consumers of fashion, must see each purchase as a vote for how we want the world to work and therefore our purchases give us a say in the changes we want to see in the world.

M+E: What was one of your biggest challenges faced, when setting up the organisation and how did you overcome this?

AC: The biggest challenge continues to be securing funds to support the ongoing delivery of our service.

Being a registered charity, the clothes are donated to us (from fashion brands) and provided to people in need, at no cost to them. We are entirely philanthropically funded (i.e. we don’t receive any government funding), meaning we have to raise funds to cover all costs.

For as little as $5, we can provide a new wardrobe to a person in need.

“Thread Together provides new clothing to people in need and in doing so, we also provide choice and by providing choice, it has been proven to restore dignity, and so we restore dignity to Australians in need and this empowers them to find a fresh way forward."

M+E: The fashion industry has made a considerable effort to clean up its act, so to speak, when it comes to sustainable practices, processes and fabrications. It is a long road ahead, with some of the view that while brands are still producing new garments, regularly, the industry may never be fully sustainable. What are your thoughts on this – what else can brands do to alleviate the issue?

AC: The fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment. In fact, it is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. And the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows.

However, there are solutions and alternatives to mitigate these problems. The first step lies in building awareness and willingness to change.

It is great to see fashion brands becoming more considered in every step of the process, especially those taking an ethical response to garment end-of-life (through donation to Thread Together).

This said, everyone has a responsibility and I think the fashion consumer can plan a much bigger role, starting with their decisions around how to spend their hard earned dollars.

So what are some of the things that we can all do?

  1. Choose clothes made in countries with stricter environmental regulations for factories (i.e. more sustainable brands)
  2. Choose organic fibres and natural fibres that do not require chemicals to be produced
  3. Choose fibres with low water consumption such as linen, recycled fibres etc
  4. Think before throwing out your clothes
  5. Buy second-hand swap and rent clothes
  6. Buy less and better quality

M+E: What are some short and long-term goals for Thread Together?

  1. Maximising our social impact – we will work collaboratively to maximise the impact of our services by increasing agency access, expanding into new territories, and adding clothing hubs and additional mobile wardrobes to our fleet. We will provide new wardrobes to half a million Australians in need, in the next 2 years
  2. Minimising burden on the environment – we will grow our network of fashion partners with an increased focus on securing more frequent donations and products which are in high demand and where availability is low (e.g. socks, underwear and children’s clothes)
  3. Creating an efficient and effective operation – we will review and develop our processes and leverage technology to ensure our services function efficiently and effectively to facilitate scale
  4. Establishing the pathway to financial sustainability – we will create a sustainable funding model and ready ourselves to reduce dependency on third party supportive funds

M+E: How do you select the groups/demographics/charities that you support?

AC: We are non-judgemental and do not discriminate when it comes to need. We provide new wardrobes to thousands of people each week – without judgement and free of charge. Below is a non-exhaustive list of types of people that we support:

  • Women escaping domestic violence
  • Homeless adults
  • Youth at risk
  • New arrivals to our country seeking refuge
  • Long-term unemployed seeking equal standing when going for an interview
  • Individuals coming out of long-term mental health care
  • Indigenous communities
  • People returning to the community from incarceration
  • All those impacted by drought, bushfires, floods and now the pandemic

M+E: How does the act of repurposing unwanted stock, to supply a human in need, with warmth and comfort in clothes, change this person’s day/perspective – why is it such an effective model?

AC: The human race universally wears clothing to protect against adverse climate conditions.

Apart from the practical functions, wearing clothes carries specific cultural and social meanings and clothing has been regarded as one of the best ways to distinguish social classes, sexes, occupation, marital status and ethnic and religious affiliation.

In short, clothing helps to define who we are and the right to adequate clothing, or the right to clothing, is recognised as a human right, this together with the right to food and housing, are parts of the right to an adequate standard of living.

Thread Together provides new clothing to people in need and in doing so, we also provide choice and by providing choice, it has been proven to restore dignity, and so we restore dignity to Australians in need and this empowers them to find a fresh way forward.

M+E: For those interested in volunteering, how should they apply?

AC: People can volunteer in our fulfilment centre in Banksmeadow, Sydney, to help us sort, pick and pack. They can also support us in our clothing hubs and taking our mobile wardrobes around the country.  To volunteer with us, people can get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Founder/Director of modern stationary brand, An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth may just be ANZ’s most organised woman. We speak openly about the challenges of 2020, sustaining creativity under stress, and the art of the To Do list.

M+E: Firstly, tell us a little bit about the conception of An Organised Life, what inspired you to launch in the category of stationary?

BW: I always relied on a diary, year after year to write down my important dates, lists and goals. When I moved to Sydney, I wanted a diary – however I couldn’t find one that was functional yet had an element of style to compliment my monochrome and minimalistic aesthetic. I realised there was a gap in the market and this was when An Organised Life was born. From there I designed my first diary, found a printer and bookbinder, produced just 300 diaries and started on my marketing and PR Plan! They sold out in three weeks, and there was no turning back.

M+E: Have you always been a super organised human?

BW: Yes, both my parents are really organised so I must get it from them! Being organised just makes life easier in my eyes.  It’s something I’ve always valued and prioritised.

M+E: With many of us now working from home, how important is it to keep an organised environment – from diary to desk and broader home environment – in order to promote proactivity and creative thinking?

BW: I live by the motto, a clear space = a clear mind. I love working in a space that is inspiring yet functional and organised.  Where everything has a place. I think it’s important to create a space where everything is easily accessible, and to create a small (big or small) area where you feel happy, motivated and in a good headspace.

Everyone’s WFH set ups would have been different this year and that’s ok. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the most difference in terms of motivating and inspiring creative thinkers. For example, a candle scent, a playlist, greenery, natural light – the sun soaking through – a beautiful piece of artwork or furniture.

In terms of productivity – a daily to-do list is an absolute must.


“At the end of each day, pack up your workspace, put everything back in its place, write your to-do list for the following day and prioritise it. This routine will allow you to feel prepped and prepared for the following day, allowing you to move from work mode into personal mode with ease."

M+E: 2020 has definitely thrown some curveballs, for many, stress and change burdening creative thinking and the capacity to maintain drive and motivation (especially for our Victorian friends!). What advice can you provide around counteracting this through home/office choices – how do you suggest we sustain drive and creative thinking in challenging times?

BW: I think now more than ever, it’s important to focus on health and wellbeing. Focusing on these areas of your life, naturally has a flow-on effect to your drive, productive energy, workflow and creativity. Making sure you get outside for some fresh air, a sunrise or a sunset, moving your body, nourishing and nurturing inside and out, talking to loved ones, journaling, listening to music, cooking. All those things in life that fill your tank.

It’s also important to draw a clear boundary between work life and personal life, especially when you’re working from home. At the end of each day, pack up your workspace, put everything back in its place, write your to-do list for the following day and prioritise it. This routine will allow you to feel prepped and prepared for the following day, allowing you to move from work mode into personal mode with ease.

In terms of creativity and sustaining drive, I suggest embracing your creative waves, leaning on your support network, setting clear direction and focus for each day/week, and knowing when you need to take a break, go for a walk or step away and reflect – review and refocus.

M+E: We have no doubt you have a generous list of short, and long-term goals. As we move towards a new year, what advice can you give us around realistic goal setting – importantly, to sustain positivity and proactivity throughout the year?

BW: Goal planning is such an incredible way to set focus for the next 12+ months. It gives you direction, and allows you to strive towards those big and small dreams.

However, in order to achieve your goals, it’s really important to create an action plan of how you can do this. To look at what support you need, what roadblocks you might face, what stepping-stones you need to set in place and tick off along the way, and more. This is one of our favourite features in our 2021 diaries. We have created a really thorough Goal Planning section that takes you through the process of setting goals, step-by-step. Giving you the tools needed to actually achieve your 2021 goals.

M+E: Do you have any goals set for 2021 yet?

BW: I do! I have set out my personal, professional and financial goals, however I always utilise the summer break to really nut these out in detail and create a proper action plan.

M+E: What is one thing you have learned about yourself – both personally and professionally – in 2020?

BW: In all honesty, 2020 has been my hardest year personally, but one of my best professionally! It’s been a year that has taught me that I have an inner strength I didn’t know I had. It’s taught me to look for the positives in every situation, and the importance of living a balanced life.

M+E: How did you sustain motivation and connectivity throughout the AOL office and broader community with the impact of COVID

BW: The hardest part this year (as a team) was the fact that I was physically removed from the office, being in New Zealand, while the team are all in our Sydney HQ. Prior to Covid-19, I worked in Auckland for three weeks and then Sydney for one week, on rotation. However, as a team, we adapted quickly and had clear goals and visions. We have utilised Zoom to facilitate catch ups and creative brainstorming, and have made sure to celebrate successes along the way – big and small – to maintain team morale, motivation and creativity.

As a community, we decided as a team early on, that we wanted to really look after our beautiful An Organised Life community. We worked extremely hard to create helpful and informative content around WFH, productivity, journaling, managing a team remotely, organisation (and much more) in the hopes it would help our community to push through such a challenging time.

M+E: Talk to us about To Do lists – how important are they to sustaining success on a daily and more long-term scale? And do you write one every morning?

BW: To-do lists are one of the most effective ways to organise your life. It’s all about prioritising and working through your list in a methodical way. We have an in depth debrief on this topic HERE

I write my own to-do list every single evening before I finish my working day. I go through it and prioritise my top three MIT’s (most important tasks), before dividing my to-do list into AM and PM.

M+E: What is your AOL diary of choice?

BW: I love a day per page layout. My go-to favourite is the A4 Daily Planner – I love lots of room!

M+E: Album/artist currently on repeat?

BW: I constantly love Fleetwood Mac, but most recently I’ve been listening to lots of Leon Bridges, Khruangbin, Father John Misty, Ravenna and Bill Withers.

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Love her madly this holiday season with our top gift selects.


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With a ruffled neckline and ¾ sleeves, this statement crop is a complete knock-out. Cut from organic cotton poplin, she’ll be doubly impressed by your conscious shopping and combined good taste.


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The answer to any invitation, the Ravi dress series brings Australian summer to Jean Shrimpton-chic. Let her know she’s your bonafide style queen with this modern wardrobe piece both sensual and strong. A ¾ balloon sleeve and optional spaghetti belt will spotlight your unwavering attention to detail. Available in mini or maxi, olive or white.


Transport her to a 70s garden party, Italian style, with this vintage-inspired classic. Featuring an off-shoulder neckline, button-down front, billowed sleeves and a promise to please. Buy now, so she can wear forever.


Scarf, sarong, towel or throw, let her decide. The 100% cotton Gauze Throw, for the girl who likes options.



Sensible and stylish, the Mercii Bucket Hat is a woman’s best friend … just ask Shanina Shaik who was spotted donning hers earlier this year. The supermodel seal of approval. Tick.


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A limited edition collaboration between MAURIE + EVE Designer, Kelly Davies-Green and New Zealand Artist, Madeline O’Donoghue, these comfort calling robes sing a song for generations to come: TEACH PEACE, GROW PEACE. Start her year with the good vibes. Available in mini or maxi length, Bijou Blue or Toasted Almond logo work.





Launched in Melbourne, 2003, KEVIN.MURPHY captivated the market with a fresh aesthetic and arsenal of eco-friendly claims, that at the time, were almost unheard of. Many assumed the product simply wouldn’t work (minus sulfates, animal testing and parabens), but Kevin Murphy (the man) knew otherwise. The brand has since gone from strength-to-strength, unstoppable in its innovation and penchant for the planet. Conscious, creative and super cool, it’s the minimal haircare every woman wants in her bathroom. So, with a focus on sustainability for the month of December, we Q&A Mr. Murphy himself, chatting surfactants, statistics and new scalp care.

M+E: You mention that it wasn’t until you created your first line of products, that you really became aware of ‘just how much harm the production process has on the environment.’ Was there a particular statistic, fact or part of the process, that really drove this home for you? 

KM: I have always been passionate about environmental issues, but it wasn’t until I created my first line of products that I really became aware of just how much harm the production processes, of any product, can have on the environment. The more I researched, the more I began to hear of scary stats like, only 9 percent of plastic actually gets recycled, and 79 percent of that waste (sitting in landfills or littering the planet) eventually ends up in our oceans and ultimately, our food chain (the fish we consume). So, I feel sustainability is an important industry focus for me – not to mention the bottles actually have my name on them – I’d be heartbroken to see them floating around the ocean.

This said, KEVIN.MURPHY will continue to prioritise the planet as a key focus – from our organic growing practices to micro-cultivation and ecological harvesting techniques.

M+E: KEVIN.MURPHY was launched in 2003, and we remember it quite vividly. It looked, smelt and read so uniquely to anything before it. Also pioneering, of course, was the choice to go sulfate, paraben and cruelty free. How was this met/received by fellow manufacturers and the broader industry, at the time? Was there some who believed such choices would effect performance, and if so, how did you respond to that?

KM: Going sulfate, paraben and cruelty free was a non-negotiable for me. It was in our brand DNA and you’re absolutely right, a lot of people didn’t get it! This is why the brand initially took off in Scandinavia. They were already huge adopters of the natural, ethical trend and had the same values as we did, so really resonated with the brand. I had a lot of push back in other markets initially as people didn’t think the product would work as well as it should. Thankfully, the rest of the world caught up with Scandinavia, but also, once people started using the product, they quickly converted to KEVIN.MURPHY. The formulas stood up against premium competitors, and had the added benefit of no nasties.

“We create products with a conscience that don’t harm our environment. We use only sulphate free surfactants that effectively cleanse and remove surface oil and dirt, without stripping or depleting the hair of its colour. We use AHAs, or fruit acids, derived from Papaya, Citrus, and Sugar Cane that gently exfoliate the hair surface without drying or depleting.”

M+E: What have been some of your greatest business challenges?

KM: Staying true to what you’ve set out to do and create. It becomes personal the second you put your name on a bottle, because there is actually a person behind the brand. So, it’s not only your reputation you need to uphold, but it’s about the opportunity to create a brand that’s truly inline with your values. Not only that, but it’s a motivator to stay true to who you are and what you want to achieve.

M+E: Talk to us about your hero ingredients, and how these are sustainably harvested?

KM: We create products with a conscience that don’t harm our environment. We use only sulphate free surfactants that effectively cleanse and remove surface oil and dirt, without stripping or depleting the hair of its colour. We use AHAs, or fruit acids, derived from Papaya, Citrus, and Sugar Cane that gently exfoliate the hair surface without drying or depleting. Natural surfactants from the Soap Bark Tree, Quillaja, and other plant-derived sources create rich luxurious lathers that moisturise and nourish.

I look to ingredients that not only protect, condition, and smooth the hair, but are sustainably harvested, and support community-led change. For our recent product launch, EVER.SMOOTH, our Wood Bark Complex was derived from Indigenous Australian plants as were Blue Cypress, White Cypress and Lemon Aspen. All of these ingredients were specifically chosen due to their high content of antioxidants (that actually behave like an Alpha Hydroxyl Acid for skin and hair conditioning). The unique ingredient trio of Blue Cypress, White Cypress and Lemon Aspen was hand selected for the combined resilience and strength, which is derived from trees that survive the harsh Australian landscape.


M+E: In your opinion, can haircare and/or fashion ever be 100% sustainable?

KM: Absolutely, and I think we can all continue to look for ways to be more sustainable, even if you can’t get there overnight. One of the values that are ingrained in everyone at KEVIN.MURPHY is “THE CHOICES WE MAKE” – which is simply our commitment to creating exceptional products and operating with social and environmental integrity. To ensure that global stewardship is always at the forefront of our mind, a group of eco-minded KEVIN.MURPHY staff have come together to ensure we continually explore new ways to uphold our commitment to the environment. This task force works on anything from big picture initiatives to the everyday details that make a tremendous impact on our Mother Earth.

M+E: In your opinion, what further efforts can the hair and fashion industry make to enhance their sustainable practices?

KM: Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you have to make the switch overnight. Start small! Some people get deterred by what they should and shouldn’t do, but if you make the right choices and chip away at it – you’ll get there.

M+E: What is next for the brand – both from a creative and sustainable viewpoint? Any new products on the horizon?

KM: This is my favourite part of the job! I’m always creating new products and the latest one to launch is a new SCALP.SPA regimen available in December! A clean, healthy scalp is important to ensuring the health and growth of your future hair. With this new SCALP regimen (scrub and wash), I sought to create products that address many of our scalp needs. These star products are packed with a range of skin loving ingredients that nurture the scalp back to health, thus giving your hair the radiant results it deserves.

M+E: Your can’t live without KEVIN.MURPHY product – at home, and when working on set?

KM: I can’t live without SESSION.SPRAY, it’s every session stylists’ secret weapon as it will hold every strand of hair in its rightful place. I spray it over any finished look for firm, weightless, long-lasting hold. It also has excellent humidity resistance (great for our Aussie climate), and brushes out easily and effectively without a trace of flakiness.

M+E: Album on repeat?

KM: ‘Confessions on the Dance Floor’ by Madonna

M+E: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you dine?

KM: David Bowie in the dining room of the Sunset Tower, Hollywood CA.

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It is with great pride we unveil the next chapter in our story towards total sustainability, IMAGINE – a collection created using 100% GOTS certified organic cottons. Here, MAURIE + EVE Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies-Green talks creating a collection mid-pandemic, new hemp fabrications, and the move from lounge to dresswear.


Q: M+E launched their first organic collection in 2019. How will the 2020 instalment show evolution in further/additional sustainable sourcing, production and processes – what new fabrications will we see? 

KDG: Like most, my overall visIon for 2020 was interrupted with the unexpected arrival of a pandemic, and so plans to visit and work alongside my production team in India were suddenly no longer. Part of this trip would see a personal visit to the cotton fields and a much deeper exploration of IMAGINE and its resources. However, my focus shifted to the here and now, and with it a realisation that slow growth can be just as valuable. The creation of IMAGINE was a slower process than anticipated, but it all came to life just as the universe intended, and I feel for all its hurdles the outcome is something special.

As for fabrications, we continue to work with 100% certified GOTS cotton and BCI cotton, and in 2020, welcome the addition of a beautiful hemp. I’m so excited for our community to experience this new fabrication – its weight and texture moves with such fluidity and feels very luxurious on the skin.

Q: Why are you more determined than ever to continue on this pathway to becoming a fully sustainable fashion brand, and what work have you been doing behind the scenes to become a little closer to this reality?

KDG: I believe in the power of our conscious, subconscious and collective minds. This is my pathway through life, and the more I learn, the more I want to change, evolve and grow. It’s confronting, sustainability in our industry is a concept with many flaws, but I am determined to do better. This should not be confused with a desire to ‘be better.’ Less competition and more connection. Support and guidance in this industry, is a must – learning from each other along the way.

MAURIE + EVE is part of my DNA. The brand is intwined in my existence as a woman, mother and planet lover. We are growing and learning from one another, together, with big sights for the future.

The past few months have seen me working on a new project set to launch in 2021. It has evolved from a place of peace, love and learnings, and is designed to inspire the same in the wearer. A collaboration indicative of my commitment to them, myself and you.


“IMAGINE seeks a break from loungewear with breathable fabrics, degrees of lace panelling and an evolution of our signature, voluminous sleeving.”

Q: What will the new collection say about M+E as a brand – has she matured even more so, will we see more structure in her simplicity, does the free feminine mood continue and who/what inspires the palette?

IMAGINE seeks a break from loungewear with breathable fabrics, degrees of lace panelling and an evolution of our signature, voluminous sleeving. Drama by way of shape, neckline and curious intricacies meets effortless silhouettes for a new, contemporary view on the classics.

It’s symbolic of our turn to the new luxury – connection, fun and laughter. Imagine if every moment were a memory to last a lifetime. How would you present yourself to the world? How would you speak and treat others, including the planet we call home? Dress to impress with strength and sensuality. The power of ‘woman’ is greater than you think.

We salute Mother Nature with organic fabrications and simplicity in tone and texture. Perfectly faded charcoals, sand, oat and blue like the shaded moon, a modern contrast to signature MAURIE + EVE white.

Q: What does this collection say about you, and your journey, as a human and designer?

KDG: I’ve been listening to a lot of John Lennon, George Harrison and Bob Dylan over the past few months – hence the collection name, IMAGINE. The John Lennon song of the same name was particularly inspiring throughout my journey: ‘imagine all the people, living life in peace.’ If we want peace, first we have to imagine it. It is said Lennon composed the song one morning in early 1971, in the company of Ono and a Steinway piano. Ono watched on as he composed the melody, chord structure and almost all lyrics in one brief writing session – a strong political message surrogated in a beautiful melody, for the widest possible reach.

If IMAGINE, the collection, influences just one human being to think and act more consciously, then I will consider it a success.


Q: If the collection were a destination, what would it be?

KDG: Our beautiful country, Australia. It has been enjoyable to focus on our own backyard over this time – never ending white beaches, lush rainforests and rolling hinterlands (cue: Byron Bay, where we shot IMAGINE). The onset of summer – that’s what this collection feels like to me … when the sun becomes a little lazier, lingering on to stimulate true Australian spirit and that holiday mindset. Music, wine, food, family and friends. This collection is a celebration of our freedom, and importantly, the freedom to act with mindfulness.

Q: Can we expect fits and fabrications reflective of 2020 and beyond?

KDG: Relaxed, oversized exteriors meet volume heavy shapes for a look less beachy, more statement serving. It’s time to leave the lounge and embrace getting ‘dressed.’ Live the now and do it with passion – who knows what lies ahead. Spliced dresses, off-shoulder cuts and deep décolletage reveal just the right amount of skin: Sensual, sophisticated and sure to last.

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