With ties to both Italy and Australia, designer Elise Eales seeks to create a range of objects to connect with ourselves, surroundings, and the people most dear. Handmade ceramics, jewellery and other special pieces that bestow an instant sense of calm, transporting the beholder to a jagged Mediterranean coastline … the ocean lapping at the soft pebbles beneath their feet. Warm, welcoming and with a penchant for blue, we talk the power of this tranquil shade, and why it connects so well with heart and home.

M+E: You use blue in a lot of your pieces, what is it about the colour that speaks to you?

EE: For me, blue evokes feelings of the Mediterranean, of faraway coastlines, adventures and simple evenings chatting with friends over al fresco dinners. It’s a colour that creates a gentle contrast but always stands out in its surroundings.

M+E: Why is blue a positive colour choice to incorporate throughout the home, and particularly, at the dinner table?

EE: The colour blue brings a little of the outside in, like making the sky or sea tangible. Using these objects within the everyday adds intention and joy in our regular routines.

M+E: Why do you feel the colour lends itself so easily to the hand-crafted nature of your ceramic designs?

EE: So many variables are at play when making the ceramics. The clay, glazes and firing all play a part. The pigment I use is mixed by hand and painted onto the pieces. This can result in thick brushstrokes, drips or tonal variations but it is exactly these that manifest personality in each piece.

“Finding blue in nature is actually quite rare with very few plants or animals in the colour.”

M+E: Favourite blue item you own?

EE: A pair of cornflower blue velvet shoes I brought back from Venice, and of course my cat Bea. She’s a beautiful little British Blue.

M+E: Your favourite shade of blue and why?

EE: Probably Ultra Marine, variations of the colour were repeatedly used by mid-century artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Joan Miró. I am constantly inspired by this genre and how they mixed both colours and mediums in individual ways.

M+E: Something people may not know about the colour blue.

EE: Finding blue in nature is actually quite rare with very few plants or animals in the colour.


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Breathe. Fill your lungs with escape … somewhere warm, remote, rustling with palm trees. The ocean and shore dance at your feet. He loves her. She loves him back. Close your eyes. Listen. The promise of adventure grows nearby – music, music, music. Freedom. Fantasy. A life to be loved.

Take the journey.

Photography // Tim Ashton
Hair + Makeup // Luana Coscia





Welcome IGNITE, our latest collaboration piece diving into the abstract expression of globally acclaimed artist, Ash Holmes. A celebration of our Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies-Green’s 20-year journey with brand, the timely series asks us to strike a light, find the ignition and ride the evolution.



The ego-void partnership was born on the Northern Beaches close to a decade ago and here presents a metamorphosis built from time, trust and real respect. Renown for her work with colour psychology across sensitive reflections, Holmes takes a departure from gestural mark-making, using words, numbers, lines and species in an almost Basquiat-type twist on her whimsical works.

Consisting of two limited edition Tees, the series is cut from 100% Aloe Infused Organic Cotton and designed for all of humanity.

Palo Santo Tee: Vibrant green defines strike-ready matchsticks and a harmonious clash of modern versus childlike lettering – the words PALO SANTO/SANTO DISTRICT imperfect yet aligned in honour of the wild tree’s power to clear negative energy, heal and heighten.

Strike A Light Tee: The wonderful butterfly dedicated to moments not time soars upward towards her higher self – present, beautiful, powerful in her individuality. The MAURIE + EVE journey ascends with her, looking back at 20 years of female empowerment and ahead to inclusiveness and a strong sense of love – for self, humanity and the planet we call home.

Here, we speak with Ash on IGNITING her artistic perspective, notes on Tees and the song she just can’t help but groove to.


“[I IGNITE creativity through] practising grounding activities that bring me back to centre and hand over an exchange of energy. I’ll brew tea, burn palo santo, meditate, swim in the ocean.”

M+E: Describe your recent M+E collaboration in one word? 

AH: Heartfelt.

M+E: How do you IGNITE your creativity? 

AH: Practising grounding activities that bring me back to centre and hand over an exchange of energy. I’ll brew tea, burn palo santo, meditate, swim in the ocean, walk in nature or listen to an album that I feel connected to lyrically and energetically.

M+E: If you could be the T-shirt on someone’s back for a day, who would it belong to? 

AH: Frida Kahlo. She’s incredibly inspiring.

M+E: The best way to wear an oversized Tee is … 

AH: Paired with some Levi 501’s.

M+E: Are you a tuck or tie girl? 

AH: Tuck.


M+E: Favourite IGNITE Tee and why? 

AH: I love the double matches tee, the matches are from my studio, I must have just lit a candle. They remind me of the iconic Brett Whiteley matches outside his studio in Surry Hills.

M+E: This summer, you’ll be … 

AH: Setting up our new studio space in Brookvale and taking some time out to be with friends and family.

M+E: Song that you can’t help but dance to? 

AH: “Music” by Madonna.

M+E: Next travel destination? 

AH: Japan. I have an art residency in 2022 and cannot wait to be with the beautiful people and inspiring culture.


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The world is slowly unfurling, borders standing down, wanderlust reignited. It's time to plan our next destination, and these hotels are top of the list.


Cuxmala - Mexico (above)

Running alongside 5km of pristine Mexican Pacific coastline, Cuixmala is an extraordinary retreat and luxury eco-resort where the boundaries separating humankind from nature are dissolved. The epitome of luxury.

We’re wearing: The Rolling Waves Mini Dress, Pale Watermelon. A place of such luxury deserves a little extra effort, and this pop of pink nods to the magical birdlife circling above.


Nihi - Sumba, Indonesia

Tucked away on one of Indonesia’s most unexplored islands, Nihi is a luxury resort almost entirely reserved from urban development. 567 acres of land with private beach and world-famous breaks. Opt for a cliffside villa complete with outdoor bale where you can sleep overnight.

We’re wearing: The Wild World Mini Dress. Rich in texture and the perfect choice for poolside Nio Beach Club.



Surfrider Hotel - Malibu, California

Like tonic for the soul,’ this 20-room beach house adopts the rich heritage of Californian surf culture offering an authentic localised experience for guests. Start your day with beach yoga before checking out the custom boards by McTavish.

We’re wearing: The Sun Will Come Up Tee and Live Wire Knitted Shorts. A suited choice for the laid-back vibes of the golden state, and featuring artwork from our East Coast based collaborator, Jasmine Parsia.


Meraviglia Slow Living - Preveza, Greece (below)

Suites designed around fragrant native gardens using locally sourced organic and sustainable materials are just the beginning of this holiday destination overlooking the Ionian Sea.

We’re wearing: The Indus Kimono + Pant in White. It’s long, languid lines and dedication to minimalism prove the perfect choice.





Loess is an Australian-made lifestyle brand obsessed with the olfactory. Scent. The powerful memory trigger that transports us ‘home,’ to our wild, wild youth, the raw tear of heartbreak and sheer, untainted joy of love. The mantra of Loess, however, is to connect you deeper, with the land you stand. Thrust you into the beauty of imperfection – yours and hers. Naturally made from high quality ingredients, sans all the nasties and bottled in bespoke, minimalistic vessels, it’s the bottle you want front and centre of your fragrance wardrobe. Here, we chat with founders and fragrance designers, Amy Louise and Nick Morley on positive change through the senses, and dinner parties for 5.

M+E: Loess scents are inspired by the Earth – how does this influence the way you source your fragrance portfolios, and how you layer notes for the wearer?

AL: Our fragrances are created using natural, sustainably sourced and high-quality materials from around the world.

At the heart of each scent, we have selected woody base notes to form a strong, earthy foundation. We have then chosen various notes inspired by nature to create our two unique fragrances; Dark Paha and Céder.

M+E: Define the Loess sensory journey, how does it make the wearer feel, and how is it unique to other boutique fragrance brands?

AL: When creating Loess, it was extremely important that we considered the customer’s entire brand experience. From brand identity to our website and packaging design, all the way to ingredients, we have always had one vision – to connect people to the beauty in Earth’s raw, natural forms. This also extends to the beauty of individuality, where we want our customers to feel celebrated for who they are in their most raw, unfettered self.

Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.

M+E: The objective is to foster a deeper connection between the Loess customer and Mother Earth – how do you achieve this outside of the fragrance itself?

NM: One of the driving forces behind Loess is to create positive change for planet and people. We have partnered with i=Change where we donate $1 of every sale to one of three organisations; Seabin Project, Plan International or Greening Australia. Further to this, we donate 10% of profits to a new charity every quarter. For the months of December, January, February and March we are donating to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

M+E: What references can be found in the Loess bottle design?

NM: We wanted the bottle to have a minimal and timeless feel whilst  honouring Earth’s natural, raw beauty.

M+E: When did you meet, and can you remember what fragrance you were each wearing?

AL: We met two years ago at a pub in Surry Hills, Sydney. I was wearing Santal 33 – Le Labo as that had always been my go-to scent … until now (haha).

NM: I had run out of cologne at the time so had to borrow some of my roommates – no idea what it was. Given that we are still together two years later, I guess it must have been okay!

M+E: What scents remind you of summer?

AL: Wood and spice always take me back to hot summer nights on vacation … also, the smell of sunscreen never fails to trigger a summer mood.

M+E: You currently have two fragrances available – can we expect more … what’s next from the brand?

AL: Absolutely! We’re super excited to expand our fragrance line in addition to a whole range of different products (can’t go too deep on that now – you’ll have to stay tuned!).

M+E: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

AL: Two that really stand out would be Baina and Nagnata. Both companies are leaders within their space and share our same ethos. No doubt magic would ensue.

M+E: Loess is hosting a dream dinner party for 5 guests, who are they and what fragrance is burning in the background?

NM: David Attenborough, Muhammad Ali, Jess Ruby James, Sophie Ginns and Pip Archibald. Burning in the background is Frankincense incense from Ayu.

M+E: If Loess were an album, what would it be?

NM: Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo.

M+E: A wise person once told you …

NM: Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.



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In celebration of our recent capsule, IGNITE, we captured models, influencers and life partners, Dominique Elissa and Tom McKeown in the heart of collaborating artist, Ash Holmes' Northern Beaches studio. A little story about the kindling of love and joy of simplicity ... one will always beckon the other, after all.

M+E: How did you meet?

DE: We met for the first time at the beach, but had been speaking on DMs here and there before!

M+E: What IGNITES you as a couple?

DE: Tommy’s calmness is the perfect balance to my go-go energy. We are our happiest selves cooking dinner together with a delicious red. It really is the simple things for us.

M+E: Favourite way to wear a Tee?

DE: I love it loose and baggy!

M+E: Describe your relationship in one word.

DE: Whole.

“We are our happiest selves cooking dinner together with a delicious red. It really is the simple things for us.”

M+E: The best thing about being in love is?

DE: I know that, no matter what, I have the support and love from my human.

M+E: The next destination you will travel together …

DE: The Maldives!

M+E: Favourite physical attribute in one another?

DE: I love Tommy’s chest, I always snuggle up to him there.

TM: Her smile, she’s my Julia Roberts.

M+E: Sunday morning album?

DE: Frank Ocean or Leon Bridges.






Soft touch textures mimic sea worn landscapes in a story shot beneath the Spanish sun. Adventure out in Menorca with MAURIE + EVE.


Photography // @angeldelaiglesia
Model // @lauraprim
HMUP // @xiscacovas_makeup
Production // @lucystars





Ocean obsessed, sentimental and in awe of the colour blue. East-Coast based artist Jasmine Parsia was the only choice for our latest limited edition print, High Tide. We chat birthdays, hunting for treasure and the power of blue.

M+E: Talk to us about the prints you’ve created for M+E. What do they represent for you, and from where did you draw inspiration?

JP: The prints speak to my relationship with the ocean, which is endlessly unfolding. When Kelly and I chatted about working together, she shared her ideas for the upcoming collection; inspirations of the ocean, love letters, eclipses of the sun, shifting of seasons. We were already aligned, and she granted me so much trust – it was the perfect meeting of worlds.

I’m often inspired by bits and pieces I find while walking the beach, or on my way out of the water. Small sparkling shells, vibrant pieces of seaweed, smooth stones that have washed ashore. By the end of each beach day, I usually gather a small pile of objects in my pocket. They create loose moments and memories, like small collages of time or little love letters from the ocean. Though I do have a rule – I have to take home an equal amount of beach trash. It’s a very small gesture, but it’s important to me to take care of the ocean in this way.

M+E: Describe your collaboration with M+E in one word.

JP: Treasured. The prints I created circle around the idea of collecting small treasures and transforming something that appears “everyday” into something special. Also, in the sense of MAURIE + EVE’s pieces, each item is carefully made and of such high quality – pieces to treasure for years to come. I think I wore my swimsuit and the Yucca dress more than anything else this summer. 🙂

“It stretches forever, and represents so much – the ocean, sky, mountains in the distance or blue eyes of a loved one. I’ve been working with blue, a pretty specific shade of blue, for almost a decade.”

M+E: What attracts you to the colour blue?

JP: I’m absolutely obsessed with its inherent feelings of both bliss and solitude. It stretches forever, and represents so much – the ocean, sky, mountains in the distance or blue eyes of a loved one. I’ve been working with blue, a pretty specific shade of blue, for almost a decade.

I’m also drawn to blue from a practical way of working. I enjoy defining a loose structure for my work, such as working within a palette or set of materials, and exploring the space within that definition – allowing for chance and intuition to give shape to the work.

M+E: If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

JP: The temperatures are starting to drop here, I’d love to go to an onsen in Japan tomorrow. Can we go out for soup after?

M+E: Last random act of kindness?

JP: Not so sure if I can call it random, but we had a small dinner party the other night and invited a new friend. Turns out, it was her birthday. I don’t like making a big deal about my own birthday, but there’s no way I’d let someone else’s birthday slide by. We had pie and sang happy birthday, a small surprise act of kindness.

M+E: Album/artist on repeat?

JP: Laney Tripp’s new record, ‘Fishing From Heaven’ has been on loop in my studio a lot. I’m usually listening to things like Frank Ocean, Four Tet or a playlist of things I’ve put together. Every month I make a playlist of my favourite songs, and they kind of become the theme for the month.

M+E: A wise person once told you …

JP: A friend of mine would say, “There are only blessings, and blessings in disguise.” Perspective goes a long way, and things often unfold in ways you may not expect.

M+E: Your last lesson learned?

JP: I’ve been learning to surf and that’s been such a valuable lesson – the lesson of simply learning something new. When was the last time you did something for the first time? It’s been humbling, playful, and I am learning so much about myself and the ocean.

M+E: Most treasured possession?

JP: I’m such a sentimental person! I’ll hold onto letters, drawings, and voicemails forever – I couldn’t pick just one.


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“Eclipses are harbingers of change — they usher in evolution. At a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course, and they encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that are no longer serving us.

As the new season sings, we ready for renewal and welcome forth the untamed curiosity of our wild inner child. Neutral tones, Mother of Pearl and Unbleached highlight warm, golden skin – natural grounds for ditsy beach prints, dappled mango and coastal Cerulean to live life in full colour. The feminine energy continues to grow with whimsical prints from LA artist Jasmine Parsia: Womanly shapes and twists of deep sea blue manifesting the carefree spirit of life beneath a vibrant sun.   

Salted décolletage finds comfort in soft organic tees and the twist-and-tie shirt dress begging day-to-night interpretation. For we are nothing without the oceans that bind us, a focus on the future reflects in recycled polyester, 100% OCS certified organic cotton and long, relaxed silhouettes for now and forever.

Explore the story.

Photography // Trevor King
Film // Monica Buscarino





It’s gathering season, and with a good portion of 2021 restricted from family and friends, we’re primed to go all out; pitching host mode to new heights with no finish spared. And who better to sit down with than the woman and entrepreneur who has stimulated a new kind of love in the bedroom (and now beyond), Owner/Founder of Bed Threads, Genevieve Rosen-Biller.


The Australian brand has reimagined the way we think about linen with creative sheet, cover and case combinations together igniting a little interior spirit in even the simplest home maker. Today, the Bed Threads offering extends well outside the master and into the bathroom, dining and heart of the house, the kitchen … hello scalloped napkins!

Here, we chat Genevieve’s top styling accents for various affairs … and how to fold the perfect napkin.

M+E: We are finally free to raise a glass with those we love! With spring hosting in full swing, describe your ultimate table setting for the below themes.

Coastal Ladies Lunch

GRB: When I’m planning a coastal theme, I always take inspiration from the coastline itself and go for natural and blue hues such as Mineral, Petrol and Oatmeal paired with fresh White.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in Mineral
  • Bed Threads Placemats in White
  • Bed Threads Scalloped Napkins in Mineral & White
  • Iggy and Lou Lou Salty Sea Pitcher in White Sand
  • Dinosaur Designs Pebble Plate in Moody Blue for serving
  • Bitossi Home Fassano Plates in Blue
  • Bitossi Home Romantic Glass Tumblers in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Wine Glasses in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

Boujee Dinner Date

For a boujee dinner date, opt for classic white linen with pops of colour within a tonal palette to really elevate the table. Ensure the centrepieces aren’t too high so you can see one another and talk across the table, and set the mood with soft lighting.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in White
  • Bed Threads Linen Scalloped Placemats in Sage & Olive
  • Bed Threads Linen Napkins in Olive
  • Caitlin Robson Single Candle Holder
  • Bitossi Home Green Flower Dinner Plate
  • Bitossi Home Wine Glasses in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

Afternoon Garden Party

You can really have fun with designing a tablescape for an afternoon garden party. Go bold with colour combinations, add a whimsical vibe with mismatched plates and glasses and bring in fresh flowers and foliage from your surroundings for the centrepieces.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in Terracotta
  • Bed Threads Scalloped Placemats in Pink Clay and Turmeric
  • Bed Threads Linen Napkins in Turmeric
  • Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher in Amber
  • Bitossi Home Round Flower Platter
  • Bitossi Home plates – various
  • Bitossi Home Glass Tumblers – multicoloured
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

M+E: What are some simple and unexpected styling accents we can consider to boost our table styling from every day to elevated?

GRB: My best tip is to start by choosing a colour palette and sticking with either cool or warm tones – this will ensure everything looks really cohesive. Dressing the table with linen instantly elevates it, starting with a good quality linen tablecloth, placemats and napkins provides the perfect base for your dinnerware, glassware and styling elements. I love to combine contrasting but complementary colours such as a Terracotta tablecloth, Pink Clay and Turmeric Scalloped placemats and Turmeric napkins. Selecting mismatched, coloured glassware and dinnerware (again, within the same palette) is a bold and fun way to add some drama and is very on trend at the moment. And finally, to finish the table, fresh fruit is an unexpected alternative to flower arrangements.

“You want to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests and nothing will kill the mood for everyone more than if you are stressing about a show stopping and complicated dish you have never made before!”

M+E: Where can hosts go wrong when it comes to styling a table?

GRB: It’s easy to overdo it when styling a tablescape but your guests need to be able to see each other and engage over the centrepiece! Also, don’t crowd the table – ensure you leave enough space for people to eat and drink comfortably and keep personal items on the table.

M+E: For you, what makes a dinner/lunch occasion memorable … what is the secret to guests departing with fond thoughts and a sense of content?

GRB: Don’t overthink the menu, always serve something tried and tested that doesn’t require you to spend the whole lunch or dinner in the kitchen. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests and nothing will kill the mood for everyone more than if you are stressing about a show stopping and complicated dish you have never made before!  Everyone will enjoy themselves more if the vibe is relaxed and happy.

M+E.: You’re holding a long ladies lunch with your top four females. Firstly, who are they, and what is on the menu?

GRB: It’s hard to pick just four but they would be the amazing women in my family including my beautiful mum, who taught me the art of simple vegetarian cooking; and her mum, my grandmother Barby … who I haven’t seen since January 2020. Spending lunch together would be a dream and on the menu is always a delicious vegetarian feast including Jessica Ngyuen’s Simple Tomato & Garlic Linguine;  and Ellie Bouhdana’s Pan Con Tomate and Tiramisu for dessert!

M+E: What is your favourite way to place a napkin?

GRB: There are so many different ways to fold and place a napkin but at the moment I am loving a three point fold. Start by laying the napkin on a flat surface in a diamond shape, then take the top corner and fold it over to the opposite corner to create a triangle. Fold the right corner over to the left corner, placed slightly downwards so the two points don’t meet. Fold the right corner again towards the left, stopping halfway or until the desired look is achieved. Place the napkin atop a plate.

M+E: Can’t host without Bed Threads pieces?

GRB: I can’t host a dinner party or lunch without Bed Threads linen napkins, because napkins are essential and beautiful high quality linen ones instantly elevate the dining experience. Our linen tablecloths are also a must as they give you a solid base to style the rest of your table around and can hide even the most worn or ugly dining table. I also love our Bitossi Home mismatched hand blown glass tumblers at the moment – theyadd a fun and playful touch.

M+E: Ultimate dinner party playlist?

GRB: I love all genres so honestly… whatever puts you in a good mood!

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