As the close of summer draws near, so too do those long hot nights, brimming social calendars indulgent lunches, impromptu dinners and overall carefree living. Work is back and it’s time to refresh, reboot, restart mental and physical clarity for a year of success. While there are many ways to achieve this, one popular option is the 1, 3 or 5-day cleanse. What this looks like varies person-to-person, cleanse-to-cleanse but the results are always inline – light, bright energy and improved creative thinking. We all need that. We chat with Marketing Manger of Sol Cleanse, Alex Frisby-Smith on the benefits and misconceptions of cleansing, plus the ultimate choice for first time cleansers. .

M+E: There is an extensive list of benefits associated with cleansing, what are the most relevant when it comes to remedying festive season indulgence, lack of sleep and so on?

AFS: Our bodies are wonderfully designed to cleanse and self-heal, but through the effects of lifestyle stressors (food, drink, chemicals in skin care, air pollution, stress) we can get a build-up of toxins stored in our bodies that results in feeling and operating sub-optimally – especially after the festive season! Luckily, with a little support from a juice cleanse we can eliminate these toxins and come back to an equilibrium – feeling fresh, energised and inspired.

After cleansing, so many of our customers tell us they experience a variety of benefits such as:

  • Feeling lighter and brighter
  • Feeling refreshed and energised
  • Feeling motivated and inspired
  • Improved mental clarity and reduced “brain fog”
  • Clear, glowing skin and eyes
  • Eliminated cravings and addictions, kicking bad habits
  • Reduced bloating and improved digestion
  • A natural desire for healthy lifestyle choices

M+E: What are the top three misconceptions around cleansing, and how do you respond to these?


Misconception 1: Juice magically dispels the body of all toxins

Whilst it would be amazing if juice did this, our liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are actually already doing this for us! Instead, cleansing focuses on creating the right conditions for our organs to do their job efficiently. When cleansing, we’re eliminating our exposure to daily toxins (caffeine, alcohol, pesticides or anything artificial). Also, if you consider it takes roughly 2kg of fresh, raw, organic produce to make a single jar of our organic cold pressed juices, your body will be receiving A LOT more micronutrients than usual. The micronutrients in fruit and veggies support your vital organs to carry out an array of tasks, some of which are to cleanse toxins from your body.

Misconception 2: There isn’t enough fibre when you do a juice cleanse

When we’re talking fibre, we have soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. Cold pressed juice is naturally loaded with soluble fibre which assists in balancing our gut microflora as it is a prebiotic, absorbs cholesterol from the intestines, gives us a sense of ‘fullness’ and balances our blood sugar levels. On the contrary, insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water and is the leftover pulp that you get from juicing which makes up the bulk of our stools because it is indigestible. If you consider that you would need to consume nearly 10kg of raw produce to get the same hit of micronutrients during one day of juice cleansing, you can see the benefit of removing insoluble fibre. We are left with a super micronutrient dense liquid to consume, and our digestive system is given a break so it can heal and repair.

Misconception 3: Juice cleansing is just about losing weight

While some people do choose to undertake a juice cleanse to lose weight, this is not our philosophy at Sol Cleanse. We are primarily concerned with resetting your relationship with food, and with yourself.

For more information about juicing misconceptions, head to our blog post here.

“Upon finishing a cleanse you’re craving fresh, whole foods because you can finally hear the subtle messages from your body. Movement becomes enjoyable, and you have a clear vision for life goals and how to execute them.”

M+E: For those looking to reset mentally as well as physically for the year ahead, how does Sol Cleanse assist, and are there certain Sol programs/products more specific to this objective than others?

AFS: You’re at the end of January and the past 6 weeks has been all about socialising, lazing by the sun and indulging your senses in rich foods and cocktails … all of which has its place!

February come around and you’re not sleeping as well, you’ve been in ‘extrovert’ mode for too long and are feeling drained. You’re back working full time and you can’t find the motivation to meal prep and nourish your body (as well as you would like to), so find yourself reaching for caffeine and quick foods to get you through the day. You’re not feeling that great about yourself and you just can’t find the courage to make some damn change. You’re in a negative spiral, we’ve all been there.

We created Sol Cleanse for these exact moments. For the opportunity to press pause for 1, 3 or 5 days and assess how you’d like to take care of yourself from this moment onwards.

The beautiful thing is that when you consume nothing but pure plant nutrition for a few days, your taste buds get a complete reset. Your eyes become brighter. Your skin glows. You sleep better and your energy levels improve. You start to feel really great about what you are doing for your body and mind. And it’s so much easier from here. Upon finishing a cleanse you’re craving fresh, whole foods because you can finally hear the subtle messages from your body. Movement becomes enjoyable, and you have a clear vision for life goals and how to execute them. You are on a positive spiral of momentum and the only way is up, baby!

M+E: Can a cleanse help to invigorate creative thinking?

AFS: Absolutely! Your gut and brain are connected through millions of nerves. The gut and its microbes control inflammation and create many different compounds that can affect brain health. By looking after your gut and flooding it with raw, organic nourishment, it makes sense when your mind feels clear and fog free after a cleanse. We often get our best creative ideas during and after a cleanse because we have so much clarity. Not only this, but our program comes with daily meditations and workbooks that truly connect you back to yourself. When you’re in a state of consciousness and mindfulness, the creativity just flows!

M+E: What is a great entry-level cleanse and why?

AFS: Our Level One Lighten Up Cleanse is an amazing entry-level cleanse. It’s our most gentle and nurturing cleanse for those who need a kickstart to make some change. It comes with cold pressed juices, nut milk, green smoothies and a delicious dahl (that is amazing heated in the evening or lunchtime) for something a bit more substantial.

M+E: Is cleansing something we should schedule periodically throughout the year, or is it more about listening to your body and reacting accordingly?

AFS: We generally find that once a season is the sweet spot as it encourages you to pause and notice your unique body requirements as the world moves around us. But, in short, you should cleanse whenever you feel like you need a reset.

M+E: The brand obviously believes in a holistic approach to health and lifestyle, what other daily practices would you recommend to reset body and mind for 2021?

AFS: Meditation and breath work are really amazing practices to incorporate into your routine. Breathing practices can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system which controls our rest and digestive state, and deactivate our sympathetic nervous system which regulates our fight or flight response.

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