Stress reliever, style statement and creative cue, there is much to love of earth’s humble crystal. We chat to founder of Stoned Crystals, Ashley Bellino on how to select the best crystal for you, where you should place it and the magic of moonlight.

M+E: What are the benefits of crystals in the home and where is best to place them?

AB: Crystals not only look beautiful when styled in the home but also offer a natural and tactile distraction to negate stress and anxiety. For city-dwellers especially, our small urban nests are becoming overwhelmed with the impersonal screens and devices that are now an essential part of our everyday lives. Crystals are the perfect antidote to tech-clutter, the perfect home accessory and all-natural way to bring positive energy and personality to even the smallest spaces.

There are so many easy ways to incorporate crystals into your home décor:

  • Place natural stones or crystals on the coffee table, bedside table and other surfaces
  • Utilise crystal bookends, selenite candle holders, and crystal platters
  • Use carved stone or crystal platters and bowls as containers to store things
  • Place smaller tumbled crystals on the soil of potted plants
  • Keep a collection of stones near the window to capture the sunlight and provide a focus for your attention and give you a ‘mindful moment’.

M+E: Outside of the home, how are some other, powerful ways to enjoy the benefits of crystals?

AB: Crystals are very useful in weaving mindful practices into your day whether at home or out and about. Begin by setting up a dedicated meditation area in your home – a place to retreat at any time of the day for some peace and quiet. If you’re out, carry a collection of small stones in your handbag for whichever purpose you may need that day. Perhaps choose a favourite crystal that you can look to as your ‘worry stone’ or ‘brainstorming stone’ (like a stress ball!). When you are feeling tense or stressed, use this stone to deflect the energy, quieten the mind and get creative when brainstorming new ideas. Another way to sneak crystals into your daily life is by using crystal soaps! Turn the simple task of washing your hands or showering into a calming and relaxing ritual.

M+E: How does one know what crystals are best suited to them and their individual needs both physically and mindfully?

AB: When I first started Stoned Crystals, one of the main objectives was to bring crystals to the mainstream and make it easier to understand them and to choose your very first crystal. Each crystal has different properties and energies associated with it. Some are used to promote a sense of calm, while others are used for protection and grounding. As crystals emit vibrational frequencies, we encourage customers to feel this connection and choose a crystal that resonates with them on a mental, emotional or spiritual level.

This is often what people mean when they say that ‘the crystal chooses you’. Perhaps something about the colour of the stone appeals to you, the shape, formation or quite often it is the imperfections that catch our eye. Rainbows for example, are often seen within a stone. When you see that rainbow, a little wave of joy is always the response!

After selecting your first few crystals (based upon their appearance), you may then choose to read about the properties of each to further understand why you may be attracted to them on an energetic level. This is why Stoned Crystals provide a detailed ‘Property Card’ with every crystal purchased, so that the information is accessible and you can begin to learn about each stone’s metaphysical and energetic qualities. If the message resonates with you and your journey, then that’s the stone for you!

M+E: What crystals are best for:

AB: Finding Balance – Agate helps with stabilising emotions and bringing balance. It assists with overcoming any sort of emotional trauma, negativity or anger and promotes healing.
Encouraging Sleep –
Amethyst has a calming energy and is used to de-stress and relieve headaches and insomnia. It is one of the best crystal choices to place beside your bed to encourage rest and rejuvenation.
Minimising Anxiety/Inducing Calm –
We refer to Clear Quartz as the ‘Master Healer’. It possesses qualities that help us to find calm and the inner peace we need so much in times of distress and tension. Clear Quartz can help us regain our harmony after stressful situations.

M+E: Mum always told us to recharge crystals by (full) moonlight – is this correct and why? Also, how often should we be doing this?

AB: We recommend cleansing all crystals once received to remove previous energy that may be stored within, ready to instil some new, positive energy! Once cleansed, some crystals feel ‘raring to go’ while others still feel ‘flat’ – like they need something else. This is when they need to be recharged in the sunlight or moonlight. For best results put your crystals out overnight during the solstice, the equinox, the full moon or the new moon, these are the most powerful of the lunar phases and will be most effective for purifying the vibration of your crystals, essentially giving them a recharge and reset.

M+E: Stoned Crystals most popular crystal – and is there a crystal that permeates more potent benefits than others?

AB: here is no one better or more powerful crystal than others, and each has its own benefits. However, Clear Quartz (Master Healer) is a great all-rounder. It is a generator which means it also helps to charge all other stones. One of the world’s most diverse types of crystal, Clear Quartz comes in many formations including raw rock form, polished, cave, geode and cluster. It is a beautiful minimal white and clear tone so it will fit into any space. Another cool fact: Clear Quartz is one of the only crystals which refract light and bounce rainbows off all walls!

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