Celebrity hairstylist and owner of Melbourne’s renown UVA Salon, Marie Uva is the Fairy Godmother of relaxed, glamorous waves that shine with health (and premium styling). There’s not an Australian boss babe she hasn’t worked with, Nat Kelly, Shanina Shaik, Jen Hawkins, Pia Miller, Bec Judd, Georgia Fowler and even a travelling Gigi Hadid. She knows beautiful hair – how to create it, but importantly how to treat and prepare for the results we seek. Here, Marie tells us the how, why and when for standout summer hair.


M+E: What do we need to know about the effects of winter on hair, pre-summer?

MU: While summer is generally perceived as the harshest season on hair, I find winter more impactful with its constant indoor heating and lack of sunlight. UV rays (in moderation) are beneficial to hair health, encouraging growth and therefore enhanced density. Heating, just as it does to skin, depletes hydration from the hair. Just as you would increase the weight of your moisturiser in winter, or add an extra step (in a B serum etc) for skin, it’s important to fight this damage with a nourishing hair mask and little extra post-wash love. Moving from winter to summer with damaged hair is definitely not ideal, so for those suffering dehydrated strands, make a change ASAP.


M+E: What is the best way to treat and reset this damage in preparation for summer?

MU: Hydrating masks, or depending on hair type, something more strengthening. My favourite is Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask. Although designed for hair that has been lightened, its conditioning ingredients and amino acids grant the gift of nurture and repair to all hair types … it’s the only thing that makes my hair, feel like hair! Another great choice is the Hydrate Me mask by KEVIN.MURPHY. A great tip I encourage all my clients to try at home, in particular my celebrity clients exposed to constant heat styling, is to replace your conditioner with a mask for deeper nourishment.


M+E: Does that mean we have to spend more time in (or out) of the shower to allow the mask time to activate?

MU: No! Just allow the mask the same time as your conditioner. This way your hair is getting treated every time you wash. Of course if your hair is in need of a deeper, post-winter reset then jump out of the shower for 10 minutes, wrap hair in a towel and allow the product ample time to activate.



M+E: What is your view on hair exfoliants - is this a necessary step in our hair routine?

MU: It is the same principle as skin – hair exfoliants work to sloth away product build-up and environmental debris, making way for effective penetration from the products to follow. Particularly for women using multiple styling products, one or two washes with your regular hydrating or colour protect shampoo is not enough. It’s important to start with an exfoliating or deep clean formula such as the KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi Wash or ELEVEN Deep Clean Shampoo. Start with two-to-three washes here and then move into your regular shampoo … and this process is really only needed once a week! I encourage all my clients to wash just once a week. Yes, some people may have oilier hair than others, but it’s really what you train your hair to do. If you’re washing every second day, then hair will start to get oily every second day, right on cue. Dry shampoo ladies!


M+E: Do we really need to carry a mini moisturiser to the beach for post-swim hair care?

MU: Depends! I personally like the feeling and texture of salt in my hair, but for those who don’t, packing a mini hydrator can definitely help. The Miracle Spray by ELEVEN is great, as is Wella SP’s Hydrate Quenching Mist. This is the same principle for those who feel as though it’s crucial to wash hair after every visit to the beach, it’s OK to leave it for a few days, it just depends if you like that finish.



M+E: But we do need to up the hydration though, right? What's the best and most time effective way to do this?

MU: Yes! As mentioned earlier, using a mask as conditioner is the easiest, most time effective way to bump up the hydration. For the ladies blow-drying/heat styling regularly, be sure to apply a leave-in treatment and heat protector, pre-styling routine. Again, Wella SP’s Hydrate Quenching Mist is a good option, or try the ghd Split End Therapy Treatment.



M+E: We'd all love to wear those textured waves you created on Gigi - the ultimate summer vibe. Tell us what products were used. 

MU: I first dried the ELEVEN Sea Salt Spray into Gigi’s wet hair, before spraying a touch of ghd’s Unplugged Heat Protectant Spray. Using these two together ensured I was setting the style with both protection and hold. From here I went in with the ghd platinum plus styler.

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