Meet our most recent 1% For the Planet partner, Rainforest Rescue. Just recently we invested in the organisation’s Rescue Fund to help urgently protect threatened land (some containing species found nowhere on the planet except, sometimes, in fossil records!) now and forever. Here we take 5 to learn a little more about the efforts of this amazing organisation and the mammoth difference just $5 can make.

M+E: In a sentence define the key objective of Rainforest Rescue?

RR: Rainforest Rescue is a DGR-registered not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1999. Our vision is to ‘Protect Rainforests Forever.’ Our Mission is to rescue vulnerable rainforests by buying threatened properties, and in doing so we achieve the below:

  • Restoration of damaged and fragmented habitat through reforestation
  • Conservation of the biodiversity and cultural heritage of rainforest
  • Learning from the forest, sharing and raising awareness

For many decades, the globally significant yet unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest of Australia has suffered significant degradation through land clearing (for development and agriculture). Continuously evolving for as many as 180 million years, the Daintree is the most ancient rainforest world-wide by far. It needs to be protected, forever. It is an extremely unique and biodiverse wildlife haven, home to species found nowhere else on the planet except, sometimes, in fossil records.

From threatened cassowaries to primitive flowering plants, the Daintree is an irreplaceable conservation refuge with 395 endemic species listed as either rare or threatened. We have rescued 36 Daintree properties so far and there are some 150 more properties that we intend to buy back, replant and protect by 2040.

Since inception, Rainforest Rescue has planted over 315,000 trees to regenerate damaged rainforests.

M+E: How can even the smallest donation to Rainforest Rescue make a change?

RR: Rainforest Rescue is not government funded and relies on the goodwill of good people, likeminded businesses such as MAURIE + EVE, and philanthropic trusts and donations. Each ensure we can rescue and restore more Daintree properties and plant more and more trees.

For example, for as little as $5, a square metre of unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest can be protected, forever.

M+E: How has MAURIE + EVE’s donation been put to work?

RR: Maurie + Eve has put funds towards our Rainforest Rescue – Rescue Fund! This means that you are helping us increase our ability to buy an urgent and threatened property and save it forever 🙂

For more information on how you can make a difference, visit here.