While the depths of winter bring many a welcome indulgence (cue: open fires, lush layering and rich, slow cooked comfort meals), dry skin is almost guaranteed for those who don’t take the care to nourish and protect. With Australian winter's harshest month upon us, we talk to leading Sydney Cosmetic Clinician, Francine Ithier (MISS FRANC) on how to avoid unwanted flaking and tightness.


Dry Air, Dry Skin

Simple. Increase the moisture level at home with a cool air humidifier and avoid those super-charged heats. Moderate is best.


From the inside-out

MISS FRANC has always believed in Beauty and Balance – skin health from the inside-out. Up your intake of fats via nutrient-rich treats such as walnuts and avocados. And as always, a high intake of water. Alcohol … not so hydrating, moderation is key!


Gently exfoliate

Once-to-twice a week. If your skin has not been adequately prepared, no amount of serums will show the results you seek. MISS FRANC recommends Luzern’s Micro-Exfoliant Deep Hydrating Scrub for most skin types.


Vitamin C, please

Summer, autumn, winter or spring, skin faces daily attack from free radicals causing sunspots and premature ageing. Synergie SupremaC+ is a MISS FRANC bestseller for a reason. This powerful antioxidant-rich serum reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and tackles photo-ageing at the source.


Do you need a more hydrating moisturiser?

Just as our wardrobe layers increase, so should the weight of our moisturiser come the cooler months. The skin’s barrier is broken down at a rapid rate in winter. Chat to your skin consultant on the best selection for you.


Avoid steaming hot showers 

Who doesn’t love a steaming hot shower come wintertime? Bad news. This extreme heat only fuels skin’s dehydration and applies to face and body. Keep the temperature moderate and for the body, apply a thick moisturiser within 60 seconds of stepping out of the shower. This will help skin retain hydration overnight.


Regular facials

Or even semi-regular! Whatever you can manage. Consistency is the key to many of life’s pleasures, and regular facials are imperative to healthy, hydrated skin. “Skin health is the strongest defence against unwanted lines and should be a woman’s top beauty priority. Only good things come from beautiful skin, so ensure your regime and diet support that all-times, all-seasons.”