Long-time friend of MAURIE + EVE, Ty Williams is a mixed media artist focused primarily on the sea. It is little wonder then, that the MAURIE + EVE brand makes a well suited subject for his coastal vision to wave its magic. The most recent collaboration, the Setting Sun Oversized Shirt features all our favourite fixtures – the yin yang, precious earth and hands connected each a gentle suggestion for people and planet.

Here, we chat with the Cali-based artist on dream collaborations and random acts of kindness.

M+E: Your art reflects a deep respect for the ocean/coast, what it is about the sea that inspires you – that stirs something in you?

TW: The Ocean is the most reliably constant source of joy in my life (and has been since I was very little). It’s truly everything. I think about it all the time.

M+E: If you could describe your recent M+E print in one word, what would it be?

TW: Light-hearted.

M+E: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

TW: Japan (specifically to go to an Onsen).

M+E: Album on repeat?

TW: John Andrews and the Yawns / Cookbook

M+E: Most treasured possession?

TW: My time.

M+E: Your dream collaboration?

TW: I would love to paint some walls at schools … murals in general are my favourite thing to do. It’s always nice to paint outside, and it would be fun to collaborate with young people.

M+E: Last random act of kindness?  

TW: I wash the dishes every morning – but I don’t think that’s really kind or random … but my partner appreciates it, I think.

M+E: Love of your life?

TW: Mashed Potatoes.


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