It’s gathering season, and with a good portion of 2021 restricted from family and friends, we’re primed to go all out; pitching host mode to new heights with no finish spared. And who better to sit down with than the woman and entrepreneur who has stimulated a new kind of love in the bedroom (and now beyond), Owner/Founder of Bed Threads, Genevieve Rosen-Biller.


The Australian brand has reimagined the way we think about linen with creative sheet, cover and case combinations together igniting a little interior spirit in even the simplest home maker. Today, the Bed Threads offering extends well outside the master and into the bathroom, dining and heart of the house, the kitchen … hello scalloped napkins!

Here, we chat Genevieve’s top styling accents for various affairs … and how to fold the perfect napkin.

M+E: We are finally free to raise a glass with those we love! With spring hosting in full swing, describe your ultimate table setting for the below themes.

Coastal Ladies Lunch

GRB: When I’m planning a coastal theme, I always take inspiration from the coastline itself and go for natural and blue hues such as Mineral, Petrol and Oatmeal paired with fresh White.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in Mineral
  • Bed Threads Placemats in White
  • Bed Threads Scalloped Napkins in Mineral & White
  • Iggy and Lou Lou Salty Sea Pitcher in White Sand
  • Dinosaur Designs Pebble Plate in Moody Blue for serving
  • Bitossi Home Fassano Plates in Blue
  • Bitossi Home Romantic Glass Tumblers in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Wine Glasses in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

Boujee Dinner Date

For a boujee dinner date, opt for classic white linen with pops of colour within a tonal palette to really elevate the table. Ensure the centrepieces aren’t too high so you can see one another and talk across the table, and set the mood with soft lighting.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in White
  • Bed Threads Linen Scalloped Placemats in Sage & Olive
  • Bed Threads Linen Napkins in Olive
  • Caitlin Robson Single Candle Holder
  • Bitossi Home Green Flower Dinner Plate
  • Bitossi Home Wine Glasses in Clear
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

Afternoon Garden Party

You can really have fun with designing a tablescape for an afternoon garden party. Go bold with colour combinations, add a whimsical vibe with mismatched plates and glasses and bring in fresh flowers and foliage from your surroundings for the centrepieces.

  • Bed Threads Linen Tablecloth in Terracotta
  • Bed Threads Scalloped Placemats in Pink Clay and Turmeric
  • Bed Threads Linen Napkins in Turmeric
  • Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher in Amber
  • Bitossi Home Round Flower Platter
  • Bitossi Home plates – various
  • Bitossi Home Glass Tumblers – multicoloured
  • Bitossi Home Table Set

M+E: What are some simple and unexpected styling accents we can consider to boost our table styling from every day to elevated?

GRB: My best tip is to start by choosing a colour palette and sticking with either cool or warm tones – this will ensure everything looks really cohesive. Dressing the table with linen instantly elevates it, starting with a good quality linen tablecloth, placemats and napkins provides the perfect base for your dinnerware, glassware and styling elements. I love to combine contrasting but complementary colours such as a Terracotta tablecloth, Pink Clay and Turmeric Scalloped placemats and Turmeric napkins. Selecting mismatched, coloured glassware and dinnerware (again, within the same palette) is a bold and fun way to add some drama and is very on trend at the moment. And finally, to finish the table, fresh fruit is an unexpected alternative to flower arrangements.

“You want to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests and nothing will kill the mood for everyone more than if you are stressing about a show stopping and complicated dish you have never made before!”

M+E: Where can hosts go wrong when it comes to styling a table?

GRB: It’s easy to overdo it when styling a tablescape but your guests need to be able to see each other and engage over the centrepiece! Also, don’t crowd the table – ensure you leave enough space for people to eat and drink comfortably and keep personal items on the table.

M+E: For you, what makes a dinner/lunch occasion memorable … what is the secret to guests departing with fond thoughts and a sense of content?

GRB: Don’t overthink the menu, always serve something tried and tested that doesn’t require you to spend the whole lunch or dinner in the kitchen. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests and nothing will kill the mood for everyone more than if you are stressing about a show stopping and complicated dish you have never made before!  Everyone will enjoy themselves more if the vibe is relaxed and happy.

M+E.: You’re holding a long ladies lunch with your top four females. Firstly, who are they, and what is on the menu?

GRB: It’s hard to pick just four but they would be the amazing women in my family including my beautiful mum, who taught me the art of simple vegetarian cooking; and her mum, my grandmother Barby … who I haven’t seen since January 2020. Spending lunch together would be a dream and on the menu is always a delicious vegetarian feast including Jessica Ngyuen’s Simple Tomato & Garlic Linguine;  and Ellie Bouhdana’s Pan Con Tomate and Tiramisu for dessert!

M+E: What is your favourite way to place a napkin?

GRB: There are so many different ways to fold and place a napkin but at the moment I am loving a three point fold. Start by laying the napkin on a flat surface in a diamond shape, then take the top corner and fold it over to the opposite corner to create a triangle. Fold the right corner over to the left corner, placed slightly downwards so the two points don’t meet. Fold the right corner again towards the left, stopping halfway or until the desired look is achieved. Place the napkin atop a plate.

M+E: Can’t host without Bed Threads pieces?

GRB: I can’t host a dinner party or lunch without Bed Threads linen napkins, because napkins are essential and beautiful high quality linen ones instantly elevate the dining experience. Our linen tablecloths are also a must as they give you a solid base to style the rest of your table around and can hide even the most worn or ugly dining table. I also love our Bitossi Home mismatched hand blown glass tumblers at the moment – theyadd a fun and playful touch.

M+E: Ultimate dinner party playlist?

GRB: I love all genres so honestly… whatever puts you in a good mood!

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