We’re all about lifting our female community up, towards the sun, just as they do us. We follow them, laud them and love working with them. Our recent passion project is one that runs close to the heart and evolving ethos of MAURIE + EVE, not unlike our collaborating artist, Madeline O’Donoghue. We’re talking about our new, conscious and beautifully custom limited-edition logos: TEACH PEACE and GROW PEACE. Destined to adorn the back of our soon to launch 100% GOTS certified organic cotton robes, we go inside the mind and magic of Madeline; her creative process and cues to reset.


M+E: You recently worked on two gorgeous logo designs for us, tell us about the collaboration process with MAURIE + EVE designer Kelly Davies-Green.

MD: I was so pleased when Kelly reached out to come up with something for the brand as I have always loved their ethos and simplicity. Kelly was very keen to learn about me as a person; my background, journey and values before we got going – which is always a good sign when collaborating!

The process itself was very fluid. Kelly approached me with a few key words/initial concepts and a colour palette, and we worked together from there.

I really enjoy working with words and tend to jot down and doodle words that come to mind while I draw – these are always included in my initial designs (for clients) as you never know what someone might connect with. We played around with the messaging a bit but on the whole, Kelly just let me do my thing and was open to the whole process unfolding naturally.

M+E You created two designs for us, ‘Grow Peace’ and ‘Teach Peace’ – do you have a favourite and why?

MD: I actually like both designs, but I think ‘Grow Peace’ is pulling at my heart strings just a little more right now. Since creating this I discovered these song lyrics explaining the message perfectly for me:

If we want a garden

We’re gonna have to sow the seed

Plant a little happiness

Let the roots run deep

If it’s love that we give

Then it’s love that we reap

If we want a garden

We’re gonna have to sow the seed

M+E: How would you define your design style, and how do you hope people feel when experiencing your work

MD: I really just do what I love and in all honesty, I don’t overthink it.

It’s previously been described as vintage-y, retro and hazy, and I will admit, I have a wee thing for decades past. My experience growing up in New Zealand combined with living in LA and Byron Bay definitely presents a beachy vibe, too.

On the whole, I like things that move; rivers, surfing, road trips, music, plants – things that change and evolve with time. Things that aren’t stagnant; things that live a little. So, I hope my work just speaks to the idea of the journey rather than any, final destination.

“On the whole, I like things that move; rivers, surfing, road trips, music, plants - things that change and evolve with time. Things that aren’t stagnant; things that live a little. So, I hope my work just speaks to the idea of the journey rather than any, final destination.”

M+E: What is your ultimate platform, and why?

MD: Oh, I actually love any platform!

I like thinking up ideas for different spaces or physical objects – packaging, print, textile or signage. I went to art school where I was making work in a slightly more traditional format: “a painting”, “a sculpture”, “a film”, “a drawing”, “a photo” and had never really considered design. Now I really enjoy creating graphics for things that will be picked up, worn and used. I like things to live a life of their own.

M+E: You’re a multi-disciplinary artist – photographer, illustrator, singer/songwriter etc – how does one outlet inspire the other, or how are they are all interconnected for you? What came first?

MD: They are definitely interconnected but it’s taken me quite a while to put that together. I have always been interested in art, design and photography (operating in my own, visual world playing around with image making and so on), but music has most definitely been the newest addition to the “multi-disciplinary” story.

The day before lockdown here in New Zealand I purchased a guitar on a whim. My talented music friend taught me a few riffs over FaceTime and before we knew it, we’d written a bunch of songs and music consumed my day-to-day (I didn’t draw a single thing during that lockdown!). It soon became apparent that we had started something we were both pretty passionate about.

So, nowadays it’s definitely all feeding into one another and I’ll happily go between drawing, writing and singing, with themes spreading themselves across all three.

M+E: 2020 has certainly thrown some curveballs. What have you learnt about yourself as a human and creative?

MD: Like so many, this year alone has been my biggest of learning both creatively, and as a human operating on planet earth.

On a personal level, I have settled back into New Zealand (my homeland) which has brought with it a huge sense of stability. Aside from the fact that it’s a relatively safe country, being back has allowed me to reconnect with people and places that are very important to me. I have also managed to find a place I love living and through this “homecoming” process, I’ve learnt to trust myself.

Creatively, I have started working with a collaborator which is a completely new experience. This has been a massive learning curve. it can be a vulnerable space and is very much built on trust.

So really, the theme here seems to be trust. I have learnt to trust.

M+E: Album/musician currently on repeat?

MD: Good question. My music collaborator and I have a joint Spotify playlist – it has a good line up of female artists who inspire us; Gillian Welch, Sharon Van Etten, Lucinda Williams.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Widowspeak and Reb Fountain, and have just listened to ALL of the podcast: The Jump with Shirley Manson.

M+E: If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

MD: I am dying to go and visit Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keeffe’s place out in New Mexico. It is probably the one and only place on my bucket list.

M+E: How do you take the time reset?

MD: Water. Rivers, sea, swimming, surfing, hot pools, cold pools. Anything to do with water.

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