Ocean obsessed, sentimental and in awe of the colour blue. East-Coast based artist Jasmine Parsia was the only choice for our latest limited edition print, High Tide. We chat birthdays, hunting for treasure and the power of blue.

M+E: Talk to us about the prints you’ve created for M+E. What do they represent for you, and from where did you draw inspiration?

JP: The prints speak to my relationship with the ocean, which is endlessly unfolding. When Kelly and I chatted about working together, she shared her ideas for the upcoming collection; inspirations of the ocean, love letters, eclipses of the sun, shifting of seasons. We were already aligned, and she granted me so much trust – it was the perfect meeting of worlds.

I’m often inspired by bits and pieces I find while walking the beach, or on my way out of the water. Small sparkling shells, vibrant pieces of seaweed, smooth stones that have washed ashore. By the end of each beach day, I usually gather a small pile of objects in my pocket. They create loose moments and memories, like small collages of time or little love letters from the ocean. Though I do have a rule – I have to take home an equal amount of beach trash. It’s a very small gesture, but it’s important to me to take care of the ocean in this way.

M+E: Describe your collaboration with M+E in one word.

JP: Treasured. The prints I created circle around the idea of collecting small treasures and transforming something that appears “everyday” into something special. Also, in the sense of MAURIE + EVE’s pieces, each item is carefully made and of such high quality – pieces to treasure for years to come. I think I wore my swimsuit and the Yucca dress more than anything else this summer. 🙂

“It stretches forever, and represents so much – the ocean, sky, mountains in the distance or blue eyes of a loved one. I’ve been working with blue, a pretty specific shade of blue, for almost a decade.”

M+E: What attracts you to the colour blue?

JP: I’m absolutely obsessed with its inherent feelings of both bliss and solitude. It stretches forever, and represents so much – the ocean, sky, mountains in the distance or blue eyes of a loved one. I’ve been working with blue, a pretty specific shade of blue, for almost a decade.

I’m also drawn to blue from a practical way of working. I enjoy defining a loose structure for my work, such as working within a palette or set of materials, and exploring the space within that definition – allowing for chance and intuition to give shape to the work.

M+E: If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

JP: The temperatures are starting to drop here, I’d love to go to an onsen in Japan tomorrow. Can we go out for soup after?

M+E: Last random act of kindness?

JP: Not so sure if I can call it random, but we had a small dinner party the other night and invited a new friend. Turns out, it was her birthday. I don’t like making a big deal about my own birthday, but there’s no way I’d let someone else’s birthday slide by. We had pie and sang happy birthday, a small surprise act of kindness.

M+E: Album/artist on repeat?

JP: Laney Tripp’s new record, ‘Fishing From Heaven’ has been on loop in my studio a lot. I’m usually listening to things like Frank Ocean, Four Tet or a playlist of things I’ve put together. Every month I make a playlist of my favourite songs, and they kind of become the theme for the month.

M+E: A wise person once told you …

JP: A friend of mine would say, “There are only blessings, and blessings in disguise.” Perspective goes a long way, and things often unfold in ways you may not expect.

M+E: Your last lesson learned?

JP: I’ve been learning to surf and that’s been such a valuable lesson – the lesson of simply learning something new. When was the last time you did something for the first time? It’s been humbling, playful, and I am learning so much about myself and the ocean.

M+E: Most treasured possession?

JP: I’m such a sentimental person! I’ll hold onto letters, drawings, and voicemails forever – I couldn’t pick just one.


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