It is with great pride we unveil the next chapter in our story towards total sustainability, IMAGINE – a collection created using 100% GOTS certified organic cottons. Here, MAURIE + EVE Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies-Green talks creating a collection mid-pandemic, new hemp fabrications, and the move from lounge to dresswear.


Q: M+E launched their first organic collection in 2019. How will the 2020 instalment show evolution in further/additional sustainable sourcing, production and processes – what new fabrications will we see? 

KDG: Like most, my overall visIon for 2020 was interrupted with the unexpected arrival of a pandemic, and so plans to visit and work alongside my production team in India were suddenly no longer. Part of this trip would see a personal visit to the cotton fields and a much deeper exploration of IMAGINE and its resources. However, my focus shifted to the here and now, and with it a realisation that slow growth can be just as valuable. The creation of IMAGINE was a slower process than anticipated, but it all came to life just as the universe intended, and I feel for all its hurdles the outcome is something special.

As for fabrications, we continue to work with 100% certified GOTS cotton and BCI cotton, and in 2020, welcome the addition of a beautiful hemp. I’m so excited for our community to experience this new fabrication – its weight and texture moves with such fluidity and feels very luxurious on the skin.

Q: Why are you more determined than ever to continue on this pathway to becoming a fully sustainable fashion brand, and what work have you been doing behind the scenes to become a little closer to this reality?

KDG: I believe in the power of our conscious, subconscious and collective minds. This is my pathway through life, and the more I learn, the more I want to change, evolve and grow. It’s confronting, sustainability in our industry is a concept with many flaws, but I am determined to do better. This should not be confused with a desire to ‘be better.’ Less competition and more connection. Support and guidance in this industry, is a must – learning from each other along the way.

MAURIE + EVE is part of my DNA. The brand is intwined in my existence as a woman, mother and planet lover. We are growing and learning from one another, together, with big sights for the future.

The past few months have seen me working on a new project set to launch in 2021. It has evolved from a place of peace, love and learnings, and is designed to inspire the same in the wearer. A collaboration indicative of my commitment to them, myself and you.


“IMAGINE seeks a break from loungewear with breathable fabrics, degrees of lace panelling and an evolution of our signature, voluminous sleeving.”

Q: What will the new collection say about M+E as a brand – has she matured even more so, will we see more structure in her simplicity, does the free feminine mood continue and who/what inspires the palette?

IMAGINE seeks a break from loungewear with breathable fabrics, degrees of lace panelling and an evolution of our signature, voluminous sleeving. Drama by way of shape, neckline and curious intricacies meets effortless silhouettes for a new, contemporary view on the classics.

It’s symbolic of our turn to the new luxury – connection, fun and laughter. Imagine if every moment were a memory to last a lifetime. How would you present yourself to the world? How would you speak and treat others, including the planet we call home? Dress to impress with strength and sensuality. The power of ‘woman’ is greater than you think.

We salute Mother Nature with organic fabrications and simplicity in tone and texture. Perfectly faded charcoals, sand, oat and blue like the shaded moon, a modern contrast to signature MAURIE + EVE white.

Q: What does this collection say about you, and your journey, as a human and designer?

KDG: I’ve been listening to a lot of John Lennon, George Harrison and Bob Dylan over the past few months – hence the collection name, IMAGINE. The John Lennon song of the same name was particularly inspiring throughout my journey: ‘imagine all the people, living life in peace.’ If we want peace, first we have to imagine it. It is said Lennon composed the song one morning in early 1971, in the company of Ono and a Steinway piano. Ono watched on as he composed the melody, chord structure and almost all lyrics in one brief writing session – a strong political message surrogated in a beautiful melody, for the widest possible reach.

If IMAGINE, the collection, influences just one human being to think and act more consciously, then I will consider it a success.


Q: If the collection were a destination, what would it be?

KDG: Our beautiful country, Australia. It has been enjoyable to focus on our own backyard over this time – never ending white beaches, lush rainforests and rolling hinterlands (cue: Byron Bay, where we shot IMAGINE). The onset of summer – that’s what this collection feels like to me … when the sun becomes a little lazier, lingering on to stimulate true Australian spirit and that holiday mindset. Music, wine, food, family and friends. This collection is a celebration of our freedom, and importantly, the freedom to act with mindfulness.

Q: Can we expect fits and fabrications reflective of 2020 and beyond?

KDG: Relaxed, oversized exteriors meet volume heavy shapes for a look less beachy, more statement serving. It’s time to leave the lounge and embrace getting ‘dressed.’ Live the now and do it with passion – who knows what lies ahead. Spliced dresses, off-shoulder cuts and deep décolletage reveal just the right amount of skin: Sensual, sophisticated and sure to last.

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