We chat with Founder of certified organic skincare and ingestible beauty range, IMBIBE, Felicity Evans on the journey of woman’s skin, the support it needs, and quite possibly, the world’s best smoothie recipe.

M+E: You work to re-define the synergy between science and beauty – what does this mean from a process perspective, and importantly for the end result? How does this make IMBIBE superior from others?

FE: I’m incredibly fastidious about quality, potency and performance. We define the range as being ‘busy’, much like our customers. Our client needs our range to work on a multitude of levels so that they see real, visible results. The 4,500 verified customer reviews are testament to this.

Therefore, we take time and not shortcuts. First, I look deep into the science – whether it be the science of skin, gut health, or stress response in the body. And then, I really, really listen to our community. We are blessed to have a super active and engaged community who tell us – either by DM, phone call or email – what they want.

I then take my conceptual product to our team of scientists and microbiologists who are top of their game in terms of knowing the latest innovations in science, beauty and natural ingredients (that perform better than their synthetic counterparts).Together, we work to formalise the synergy between science and beauty by pinning down the latest scientific advances with the purest of ingredients, and start on R and D.

This process generally takes well over 12 months, which is unheard of in the skincare and ingestible beauty market.

Essentially, we don’t want our customers to be product guinea pigs, we want to see the evidence and results before we go to market. If we can’t get a product to the best quality available, we simply won’t release it … and this is the Imbibe quality standard, and one I am super proud of.

M+E: Talk to us about how IMBIBE works to support skin health in women of all ages. What are some of the key ways a woman’s body changes from 20 to 30 years, and then 30 to 40, and how do the products support this physiological journey?

FE: Women’s bodies and skin are constantly in flux. Through our teens we’re quite obviously growing and changing hormonally, but a lot of people don’t realise that this continues through each stage of life. Through our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, our hormones are constantly changing, and for your skin, these changes can mean fun side effects like acne, fine lines, open pores and melasma (yay!). But the big thing for a lot of women, is that we stop producing (and actually start losing) collagen from the age of 25.

While we believe in natural ageing, and that each part of the process is beautiful, we want to help make it enjoyable, and getting your gut and organs functioning correctly is the first step. That’s why our skincare and ingestible beauty range were created to work synergistically to tackle acne, melasma, gut health, collagen loss and a lack of hydration, from the inside-out.

“Native Golden Sea Kelp has also been a major player (ingredient wise) in our skincare range as it’s clinically shown to, not only protect from environmental damage (hello UV and blue light), but actually reverse the signs of ageing.”

M+E: You focus on natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing – what are some hero ingredients symbiotic of IMBIBE, and how/where are they sourced?

FE: We have stringent sourcing policies in place to ensure the highest quality raw ingredients, and a sustainable approach wherever we can. We also, always want to support our Australian community as much as possible, so potent native ingredients like Emu Apple, Finger Lime, Willow Bark and Kakadu Plum are key. Native Golden Sea Kelp has also been a major player (ingredient wise) in our skincare range as it’s clinically shown to, not only protect from environmental damage (hello UV and blue light), but actually reverse the signs of ageing.

A key focus of our business is to keep our ingredients and products pure and natural, so we are proud to never use GMOs, fillers, artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or gluten in our product lines.

M+E: What is your favourite recipe currently?

FE: I’m seven months pregnant and it’s feeling like summer already! So my favourite recipe is homemade gelato.

Caveat: You’ll need a super high-speed blender to make this recipe!

  • Blend 2 cups frozen fruit (I use mixed frozen berries)
  • 1 tablespoon Miracle Collagen
  • 2 tablespoons Beauty Renewal Probiotic
  • 2 teaspoons of our incredible Protect adaptogenic super-purple powder

Blend all on high and devour immediately .. and don’t share!

M+E: What does your daily IMBIBE routine look like?

FE: I have two kids, a puppy, very busy business, (we’re also moving house!) and I’m pregnant. So, life is a little chaotic right now! Instead of fighting the flow of all this intensity, I’m learning to go with it – to let everyday unfold as it needs to. Most of the time, this means I don’t get in the exercise, sleep and ‘me time’ that I’d like, but I never skip on my certified organic, IMBIBE skincare and ingestible ritual. This is what it looks like:

  • Protect powder in a glass of water on waking
  • Beauty Renewal in my water bottle (to sip on during the day)
  • 2 teaspoons of our bioactive Miracle Collagen peptides in coffee (with homemade macadamia nut milk to start the day)

M+E: What supplement would you most recommend for those seeking an inner glow?

FE: Our aptly named ‘Miracle Collagen’ – a bioactive and bioavailable collagen peptide that’s actually clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen. It also strengthens and thickens hair and nails … it’s totally changed my skin for the better.

M+E: Words of wisdom for women considering starting their own business?

FE: Have grit, faith and determination. Back yourself – especially in what can be a super challenging gig starting out. The early days are likely to be super tough and stressful – be kind to yourself. Be willing to pivot fast when things don’t go as you had planned – know when to pivot and when to close something. And there is no such thing as failure – every misstep is just a little closer to the final goal.

M+E: Your album/artist on repeat?

FE: Frank Ocean – reminds me of long sunsets in LA.

M+E: Your greatest learning in 2020 so far, personally and professionally?

FE: That anything is possible!

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