Today marks the 19th anniversary of Maurie and Eve – lovers, wanderers and grandparents to our founder and designer, Kelly Davies-Green. Kelly’s relationship with the two instilled the perspective, values and passion she invests into each and every design today. They departed Earth within a day of one another, leaving a legacy to learn and love by. Kelly opens the book on a very special story indeed.

Q: Tell us about Maurie and Eve – what did they represent as humans, what made them unique and what was their secret to such a long and loving relationship with one another?

A: They were warm, loving, gentle souls. My childhood memories are filled with moments alongside my grandparents, embracing the simple way of life and all its little luxuries – sunshine, laughter and a sense of ‘home.’ I believe their secret was true love, respect, kindness and an in turn, an unbreakable bond. Their priority was taking care of one another, understanding each other and knowing when to let go and have a laugh.

My beautiful grandmother Eve was a model in the 1940s and always took pride in her appearance. Even in her 80s she’d apply lipstick, shape her brows and apply just the right amount of rouge. Her greatest accessory however was Maurie’s adoration. He would often comment on how beautiful she was, melting the hearts of all those around them. Their smiles from a distance would warm the entire room. A relationship to aspire to.

Q: What did they teach you in life and love?

A: That true love stories exist. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with love, and I believe it’s Maurie and Eve who made this so. I am always the first to ask how someone met their partner, wife or husband and I just love the emotion, expression and unique explanations detailing how two humans fell in love at the same moment in time. It’s quite an amazing thing, really.

Q: And what was Maurie and Eve’s unique love story?

A: It’s legendary! The bronzed Bronte Beach lifesaver rescues the beautiful maiden and their life together begins … a love story continued for more than 56 years. For Maurie, Eve and now for my family, too, love is the essence of life. I honour the power of fate and have since lived by my grandparents’ motto, “play hard, love hard.” Their departure taught me that grief is a part of life’s journey – it gets easier as the years go by but will never leave you, rather forming part of your human fabrication.

Never underestimate the relationship between child and grandparent. It is one of life’s most precious and should be nurtured and protected. I am now watching my parents live their love story and it feels so special to watch their bond with my own children – Maurie and Eve looking over us all, wishing peace, love and harmony. The circle of life.

“Maurie and Eve is a reflection of me as a person and my relationship with others; my family, our customers and the planet. What I value is what guides my direction and that is what I envision for the future - that the brand continues to be a true expression.”

Q: Tell us the story of the rainbow that appeared shortly after they both passed away …

A: The weekend following their accident we were told they would not survive, shortly after my mother called to share the news my Nan, Eve, had taken her last breath. The following day, Maurie let go. At this moment a double rainbow quite literally appeared before me – a parting visual of their unbreakable bond. Being 2001, I couldn’t pull out my iPhone to capture the moment, but I did have a disposable camera in the glove box of my car.

Funnily enough, as we trawled through their belongings, one special reminder at a time, I discovered a pre-prepared card for my impending 18th birthday. The close of the message read, “never stop chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

To this day, a double rainbow warms my heart.

Q: How do we see and feel their love and values as humans, written in the modern MAURIE + EVE story, today?

A: Maurie and Eve are a part of me, and so their values shine through in all that I do. Handed my grandmothers’ sewing machine I began creating the pieces that, unbeknownst to me at the time, would symbolise the very first MAURIE + EVE creations. I taught myself how to sew and everything has grown from there. Some of the first items to adorn my sewing creations were humble singlets collected from every possible resource around me. Why singlets? Maurie was ever concerned that his grandchildren were adequately clothed and so would constantly check we were wearing a singlet – rain, hail or shine. I eventually dealt with Bonds directly to keep up with demand!

Q: Do they still inspire you when you’re creating a new capsule?

A: Maurie and Eve is a reflection of me as a person and my relationship with others; my family, our customers and the planet. What I value is what guides my direction and that is what I envision for the future – that the brand continues to be a true expression.

Right now, what is important to me is living a full life with joy, learning to live with less and honouring the legacy of my grandparents by being the best I can be. I am inspired by nature, life, love, sustainability, history, culture, music and being in the here and now. I believe this is an evolution of my grandmother who owned the most incredible collection of records, boots and silk robes; things that made her feel good in her own skin. These are the things I aspire to surround myself with also.

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