We sit down with the designer of MAURIE AND EVE's latest retail partner, Alana Maria Jewellery to chat women in business, a happy home and the best memoir she's ever read.

M+E: What makes Alana Maria standout in a crowded market?

AM: Here at AMJ we find pride in designing an expansive range of pieces. Our collections are inclusive of a multitude of styles so there is something for everyone: female or male, mother or daughter, extravert or introvert, and the list goes on … We find inspiration from all parts of life so every customer can find something tailored to their own, personal style, all while being the highest quality materials at an affordable price.

M+E: What principles are your designs founded on?

AM: Cultivated on the principles of self-expression, empowerment and diversity, our jewellery is handcrafted with passion and meaning in mind, allowing each wearer to capture, shape and express their own unique story.

M+E: What inspired the launch of the brand?

AM: From a young age, I’ve always loved fashion and design – especially jewellery. I was inspired to create my own brand to design pieces that I wanted for myself. I wanted to design a range of luxurious, high-quality pieces that showcase beautiful textures, materials and finishes, allowing the wearer to exude effortlessness in their everyday style.

When I wear jewellery, it always makes me feel confident, elevated and glamourous. My designs are meant to evoke those same emotions in others!


“Every woman deserves to be able to wear something that reflects their personality, rather than simply buying what's trending.”

M+E: Who are your designs made for?

AM: Women who want to express themselves through their jewellery! At Alana Maria, we believe that every woman is an individual, with a unique story and style. Our brand celebrates this notion of self-expression and individuality. Every woman deserves to be able to wear something that reflects their personality, rather than simply buying what’s trending.

M+E: Why are Alana Maria and MAURIE AND EVE the perfect partners in style?

AM: Alana Maria and MAURIE AND EVE share the same value for economical fashion. With MAURIE AND EVE’s organic range and Alana Maria’s Australian, handcrafted products, we are a match made in heaven!

M+E: What are some short and long term goals you have for the brand?

AM: The dream of evolution never stops! A consistent short term goal is to continue inspiring the people around us to be individual and unique as this is the best version of ourselves. At the forefront of our brand values is an ever-deepening desire to better the world we share. By connecting with our community and having important conversations, our long term goal is for our customers to become active participants in our drive for positive change (in the way we care for each other and our planet).

M+E: Words of advice for women looking to start their own brand?

AM: The most important thing is that you love what you’re doing and believe in it wholeheartedly; if not, then no one else will either. My advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to ensure that your creations reflect who you are. Use your creative expression to create a world you thrive in. Don’t shy away from who you are; instead, embrace it, and let that guide the decisions you make about what products you create and how you market them. There are 3 things to consider before starting a business: Know your audience, know your competition and know yourself!

M+E: Your Alana Maria piece currently on high rotation?

AM: Our ‘Camelia Necklace’ from our latest range ’La Derive’ has definitely been receiving a lot of love. It is also a personal favourite of mine, I haven’t taken it off. It’s truly setting hearts on fire!

M+E: Your current, favourite MAURIE AND EVE piece?

AM: The ‘Nobody But You’ Dress – a perfectly tailored and effortless dress! The lightweight material, semi-sheer finish and intricate details makes this piece a go-to when living by the beach.

M+E: What makes a happy home for you?

AM: Fresh flowers – every Sunday morning begins with a trip to buy new arrangements for my home. It’s the little things that completely change a space, and help me to be more creative. You have to love the environment you are in to thrive.

M+E: Sunset or sunrise?

AM: Sunrise, always! It’s the perfect way to start the day.

M+E: Currently reading?

AM: Grace Coddington’s autobiography (Grace: A Memoir, Random House). I was first captivated and found inspiration by Grace Coddington in the movie The September Issue. She has such a distinctive voice, and she’s incredibly candid about her life and career – by far the best memoir I have read!

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