We share a lot with Northern Beaches sunglasses brand, Luv Lou. Both beach-obsessed, easy to wear and big believers in timeless design … We feel every MAURIE + EVE girl deserves the perfect pair of shades, so have welcomed some of our favourite Luv Lou styles online – add to cart for the total summer look.

Here, we chat with Founders and sisters, Hayley and Jayde Hall on business with family, words of advice and just how many pairs of sunglasses they really own.

M+E: Tell us a little bit about the birth of Luv Lou, at what point did you decide sunglasses were to be the focus?

JH: Luv Lou was born whilst sipping on almond lattes at a regular sisterly coffee date. We both had always dreamt of working together … creating something our friends and family would love to wear. Sunglasses have always been a regular purchase for both of us, the passion was there, so it felt like the perfect fit. Before long, what was a creative experiment – sampling a range – soon became a beautiful business which we now call Luv Lou.

M+E: Doing business with family can come with a warning, why does it work so well for Luv Lou – how does having sisterly support empower and enhance the business?

JH: Hayley and I are honestly more like best friends, we speak everyday about every little thing. I can’t imagine running a business with anyone else. We both have our strengths in the business and trust each other completely when making decisions. I think this is why we work so well together.

M+E: Do you remember your first pair of sunglasses and how many do you each own?

HH: I think between the two of us we would own over 100 pairs! Having Luv Lou makes this a little easier now. Both mine and Hayley’s first pair of frames were extremely oversized  … and bright! How things change, however you never know what trend is around the corner.

“Acknowledge the fact that you’re not an expert in all fields. Be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.”

M+E: Despite the obvious (sun protection) why do we all lust over the perfect pair of shades?

HH: They say eyes are the window to your soul, well I believe sunglasses are the window to your style. They can make anyone feel confident and styled.

M+E: Words of advice for women looking to start their own business?

JH: Acknowledge the fact that you’re not an expert in all fields. Be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.

M+E: What defines the Luv Lou woman?

JH: The Luv Lou Women is inspired by our beloved Nanna Lou who was strong yet soft, poised yet spontaneous, both beautiful and divine.

M+E: Who/what inspired your recent collection?

JH: We source inspiration from global trends to Pinterest and resurging vintage styles … So many ideas arrive through trawling photography books, observing celebrities and reinventing styles born from history’s most iconic women. It’s about finding that balance of modern and timeless for an accessory that speaks to the current lifestyle code while promising a lifetime of wear.

Our upcoming collection draws from 70s, 80s and 90s style icons and we’re so excited to launch.

M+E: What LL shades are currently on high rotation for each of you?

Jayde: It’s the Gigi Chocolate for me.

Hayley: The Margot in Beige – they do no wrong.

M+E: Key takeaway in business and life in 2021?

HH: Appreciate the simple things. Lockdown life has had us reassessing how we spend our time, energy and money moving forward in our freedoms.

M+E: Album/artist on repeat?

HH: John Legend – Bigger Love.


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