Welcome IGNITE, our latest collaboration piece diving into the abstract expression of globally acclaimed artist, Ash Holmes. A celebration of our Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies-Green’s 20-year journey with brand, the timely series asks us to strike a light, find the ignition and ride the evolution.



The ego-void partnership was born on the Northern Beaches close to a decade ago and here presents a metamorphosis built from time, trust and real respect. Renown for her work with colour psychology across sensitive reflections, Holmes takes a departure from gestural mark-making, using words, numbers, lines and species in an almost Basquiat-type twist on her whimsical works.

Consisting of two limited edition Tees, the series is cut from 100% Aloe Infused Organic Cotton and designed for all of humanity.

Palo Santo Tee: Vibrant green defines strike-ready matchsticks and a harmonious clash of modern versus childlike lettering – the words PALO SANTO/SANTO DISTRICT imperfect yet aligned in honour of the wild tree’s power to clear negative energy, heal and heighten.

Strike A Light Tee: The wonderful butterfly dedicated to moments not time soars upward towards her higher self – present, beautiful, powerful in her individuality. The MAURIE + EVE journey ascends with her, looking back at 20 years of female empowerment and ahead to inclusiveness and a strong sense of love – for self, humanity and the planet we call home.

Here, we speak with Ash on IGNITING her artistic perspective, notes on Tees and the song she just can’t help but groove to.


“[I IGNITE creativity through] practising grounding activities that bring me back to centre and hand over an exchange of energy. I’ll brew tea, burn palo santo, meditate, swim in the ocean.”

M+E: Describe your recent M+E collaboration in one word? 

AH: Heartfelt.

M+E: How do you IGNITE your creativity? 

AH: Practising grounding activities that bring me back to centre and hand over an exchange of energy. I’ll brew tea, burn palo santo, meditate, swim in the ocean, walk in nature or listen to an album that I feel connected to lyrically and energetically.

M+E: If you could be the T-shirt on someone’s back for a day, who would it belong to? 

AH: Frida Kahlo. She’s incredibly inspiring.

M+E: The best way to wear an oversized Tee is … 

AH: Paired with some Levi 501’s.

M+E: Are you a tuck or tie girl? 

AH: Tuck.


M+E: Favourite IGNITE Tee and why? 

AH: I love the double matches tee, the matches are from my studio, I must have just lit a candle. They remind me of the iconic Brett Whiteley matches outside his studio in Surry Hills.

M+E: This summer, you’ll be … 

AH: Setting up our new studio space in Brookvale and taking some time out to be with friends and family.

M+E: Song that you can’t help but dance to? 

AH: “Music” by Madonna.

M+E: Next travel destination? 

AH: Japan. I have an art residency in 2022 and cannot wait to be with the beautiful people and inspiring culture.


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