MAURIE + EVE Founder and Designer, Kelly Davies Green talks the shift from seasons to stories, and the power of pre-order for planet. The more we understand, the more we can change.

Q: Why is pre-order an increasingly important part of the MAURIE + EVE business model?

A: We have been in the business of fashion for 19 years. In this time we have witnessed the unwanted waste associated with wholesaling/ordering in bulk, and it’s not pretty. We are a brand dedicated to people and planet, and place our valued MAURIE + EVE community at the heart of all we create. Pre-order allows us to recognise the styles, shades and sets our wearer loves – feedback that shapes seasons to come and ultimately leaves the customer satisfied while encouraging conscious consumption (pieces that are truly wanted). It’s also the most effective way to minimise excess stock and our mark on Mother Nature. Essentially, pre-order allows us to manufacture more of the garments most loved – for the benefit of the wearer, MAURIE + EVE and our precious planet Earth.

Q: An estimated 100 billion items of clothing are made each year (the global population is 7.8 billion) with an approximate 20% unsold – how does the pre-order model aid the slow of these mind-boggling figures?

A: This is what led us to rethink the entire system. From 100 + wholesale stores to selling exclusively online, we now have a closer relationship with our growing customer base.

The pre-order process is crucial to this, allowing us the insights to decide the number of units per style (with some not making it into production at all), and which designs will form part of the long-term business model. From colourways to shapes and texture, consumer demand essentially drives the design process and in these uncertain times, provides reassurance in garment performance. It’s also important for us to ensure product drops are meeting actual customer demand, and pre-order allows us this foresight. Of course, you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, and we do experience occasional client frustration when it comes to timeline from pre-order to shipping. It’s all part of the learning process and all we can do is continue with total transparency.


“Personally, I’m interested in a deeper understanding of people’s environment and experience throughout this chapter. With comfort now ingrained in the consumer's psyche it’s about creating pieces to lounge, learn and live in.”

Q: MAURIE + EVE choose to create not with the season so much as the story – what the brand is feeling, how it’s responding to the world – and what the consumer is asking for (thanks pre-order). This season-less approach is now being adopted by major design houses in the quest to ‘abandon the worn-out ritual of seasonality and shows.’ How do you respond to this and what does it mean for the future of the industry?

A: It’s the new way forward! All signs point to the importance of slowing (over) consumption, and it’s been so great to see some of the world’s most renowned luxury designers start the move away from an antiquated seasonal approach. We are all (whether we choose to acknowledge and act or not) aware of the effects this industry is having on the planet. It’s been inspiring and hugely motivating to watch the consumer rise up and speak out on behalf of the planet – demanding more transparency, honesty and ethical practices from the brands they support. There are plenty of sustainably minded style options, and consumers are actively seeking them out. They are open to investing more in pieces that are timeless, cut and created well with consideration for all-seasons and generations to come.

I am proud to say MAURIE + EVE has been transeasonal for some time now, our seasons blend together, evolving from one capsule to the next.

Q: How will MAURIE + EVE further evolve this legitimation of time and lead its own rhythm into 2020 and beyond, essentially further abandoning the age-old multi-season structure?

A: We plan to take a slower approach to new capsules and will continue to connect with the customer for the deepest possible insight. We have started the transition from non-organic to organic fabrications (with our launch of NATURE IN BALANCE in 2019) and continue with a fierce focus on sustainability: The key goal to become a fully sustainable fashion brand. We have removed the pressure to perform for seasons and trends, focusing rather on what we do best, what our customer loves and what’s right for the planet – we will go with the flow as the year unfolds. Embrace the slow.

 Q: Do you think this collective transition will bring back some magic and creativity in the industry?

A: Absolutely. 2020 is the year of change, transition and growth. It’s time to re-create and reinvent the way forward, and it feels good.

Personally, I’m interested in a deeper understanding of people’s environment and experience throughout this chapter. With comfort now ingrained in the consumer’s psyche it’s about creating pieces to lounge, learn and live in.

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