As we retreat to the warmth and creature comforts of indoors, we focus on downtime well spent for body and soul. A little less skirting under the sun, a little more time for new methods in mindfulness. We speak to Mind Coach, Vedic Meditation Teacher and Co-Creator of popular Byron retreat, SOMA, on the learning and benefits of Vedic Meditation. The best part? Quite literally ANYONE can become an expert, and no prior experience is required.

M+E: What is Vedic Meditation (VM)?

GG: VM is an ancient technique with wonderful modern application that enables you to access a deep meditative state within minutes. It’s absolutely effortless, anyone can learn and master it, and once you have, the idea is to gift your body and mind this meditative state for 20 minutes twice a day.

M+E: What are the health benefits?

GG: The benefits are vast. Perhaps the most celebrated aspect is its ability to dissolve tension, stress and anxiety from the body and mind. In doing so, the effects on health, vitality, cognitive abilities and emotional well-being are dramatic.

M+E: How does this differ to other techniques?

GG: VM utilises specific sounds or mantras that serve as the medium to deliver the body and mind to the cherished (but often illusive) meditative state. There is no effort, concentration or any form of trying – the whole thing happens automatically as you learn to get out of the way.


“VM is so easy that no prior meditative experience is required.”

M+E: When will I see the benefits?

GG: It varies person to person. Some people experience positive effects immediately, others within a couple of weeks. It’s guaranteed to enhance your state of mind and overall health.

M+E: What are some easy, entry level techniques to get me started on the VM journey?

GG: VM is so easy that no prior meditative experience is required. Having said that, if people aren’t able to dive into a VM course then I would suggest learning certain breathing techniques as a means to regulate your nervous system. Also, apps seem to be a popular starter for some people. Fish around and see what resonates.

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