One half of self-professed ‘aesthetically emotional couple’ @jimsandkittys, Lisa-Marie Mewes ignites new meaning in insouciant chic. Salty and sophisticated, strong yet vulnerable, she embodies power, freedom and divine femininity. All the things we look for in a woman. Recently traversing the iconic coastlines of Greece, Lisa packed her favourite MAURIE + EVE and took a little moment to answer a few things on our mind:

M+E: You feel most empowered as a woman when …

LMM: When I am well balanced and manage to take good care of myself physically and mentally (sleep, food, exercise, sun, wellness etc). I also love being my own boss and being financially independent, or when I am around women who inspire to be whoever I want to be!

M+E: A woman’s partner should make her feel …

LMM: Safe and special!

M+E: A woman’s greatest asset is her … 

LMM: Mind and her smile.

M+E: If you could dine with any three women in the world, who would they be?

LMM: Tough because there are SO many incredible women I’d like to dine with … Michelle Obama, The Olsens, Meryl Streep and my Mother.

M+E: Describe yourself in three emojis.

LMM: 🔮🌞🌝

Photography + Styling + Talent // @jimsandkittys