Actress, musician and founder of 'Rumer Has It', you may know Rumer Willis from such films as 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' and 'Sorority Row.' Or perhaps it's her heavenly vocals and live Late Night Piano sessions that have you hooked? In any case, Rumer is a strong ambassador for modern women, connecting to self, living with more empathy and less negativity. A big fan of the MAURIE + EVE brand (gush!), we feel lucky to have taken some of her precious time to chat lessons by sobriety, accountability and personal style. Happy International Women's Day.


M+E: You are an amazing musician! How has this creative outlet helped you through the challenge that has been 2020 and 2021, and what other practices have you turned to for calm, release and comfort through these times?

RW: Thank you, honestly I feel like music helps me everyday. It has such power to shape your mood and help process feelings. Music is something I could never live without. What has been a gift during this challenging time is more time to practice piano … and I have become much better. It has also been so lovely to share my journey and learnings through my live Late Night Piano Series. It has been such a beautiful way to connect with people. Knitting and crocheting are also creative outlets for me, so I’ve been very busy making blankets and sweaters for the dogs. I have also become obsessed with vintage planters and vases and doing flower arrangements in my house.

M+E: You have been sober for over four years now. What lessons have you learned  – about yourself and the world around you?

RW: I think the biggest lesson has been around how important it is to feel your feelings, allow yourself to process them and not push them down or numb them out with substances (and substances can be anything from food, alcohol, shopping, men/women, drugs, cigarettes). Because one of the most challenging things for me wasn’t actually getting sober it was dealing with all the feelings and old stories, held narratives and misconceptions I had been holding about myself. I had shoved it all down because I was afraid that if I let  my emotions out, it would never stop.

I feel so grateful to be clear headed, to have the tools to process my feelings no matter how challenging they may feel in the moment. I am grateful  to wake up every morning and feel good. I am the best version of myself (that I have ever been) and I know a lot of that has to do with sobriety and the work I have been able to do on myself.

M+E: Words of advice for anyone looking to curb certain habits in 2021, focusing more on mindfulness and general well-being?

RW: The biggest game changer for me has been going back to basics. Small things that completely change my mindset when I start the day. No matter how tired I am I never leave any dishes in the sink, nothing left on the coffee table or bathroom counter, and I make sure my space is clean – everything is put away. So when I wake up, I am rising to a fresh start and not a mess from the day before. I know that may seem small to most people but for me, it has changed my life and the way I feel about myself and my space. Our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality and vice versa so if you can make your space peaceful and calming it will be easier to make space for internal peace.


“Talk to your body and express your gratitude for all it does, take baby steps to change the patterns of negativity you find yourself slipping back into. Take a bath, have a date night with yourself, dance around in your underwear, remember how beautiful and unique you are for no other reason than that you are you.”

M+E: You talk about taking responsibility for the way you’re feeling (as opposed to settling into victim mentality) in a move towards empowerment. Why do so many people struggle with this, do you think, and what are some easy steps/practices towards making the change?

RW: I think it’s really easy to get into a cycle of blaming others … one of the hardest things our ego faces is taking accountability for how our actions affect others and importantly ourselves. We are responsible for how we relate to the situations in our lives. My encouragement would be to take a moment to process and allow whatever feelings are coming up over whatever situation. Maybe do some purged emotional writing, and then take a moment to zoom out and recognise how some of your actions (or inactions) led to the situation you found challenging.

M+E: Why is self-love important (in particular for women), and how do you practice this on a daily/weekly basis?

RW: Self love and acceptance are so unbelievably important. Especially right now in the world we are living in. We are constantly told that we are not enough – that we’re too big, too small, too opinionated, too quiet, too prude, too slutty. This constant negative reinforcement is coming at us from all sides. The only way to break this cycle is to stop the negative talk, stop submitting yourself to others and the internet. Talk to your body and express your gratitude for all it does, take baby steps to change the patterns of negativity you find yourself slipping back into. Take a bath, have a date night with yourself, dance around in your underwear, remember how beautiful and unique you are for no other reason than that you are you.


M+E: What does you daily skin/wellness routine look like?

RW: This is something that is always changing, but taking my vitamins twice a day, eating healthy … I try to drink a gallon of water a day and practice my skincare routine morning and night. The products I use are always changing, I fancy myself a treasure hunter of all things beauty and self care related, and that is kind of how ‘Rumer Has It’ was born. I am always searching for the best and unique things, and love to share my finds with friends, family … and now everyone!

M+E: Your style is beautifully unique and feels like an epic mix of vintage, designer and everyday wear. What influences your style, and what pieces are currently on high rotation?

RW: My style has definitely changed a lot over the years but I feel like I’ve really started to settle into what my aesthetic is  … although it’s still a bit split personality. I am either channeling this Louisiana witch woman or Mermaid Beach castaway, or just some sort of monochromatic matching sweatsuit haha.

A dress I always reach for is the Higher Love Dress by MAURIE + EVE. I remember discovering the brand and being so excited to find pieces I had been hunting far and wide for. Since the pandemic I have been living in gauzy dresses, silk neck scarves, linen pants and oversized matching sets, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. As I write this I am wearing my new fave MAURIE + EVE Heidi Pants (that have been on heavy rotation).

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